The perfect training kick-off for athletes!

You love it when you can make your training versatile and functional? With the high-quality FLEXVIT bands you are perfectly equipped to get the most out of your training. No matter where you are and what your training goals are – FLEXVIT bands allow you an individual and comprehensive exercise set-up.

Equip yourself to achieve any goal:

✔ Optimisation of sport-specific movement sequences for efficient strength development


✔ Improvement in all athletic performance components such as strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination


✔ More speed and explosiveness


✔ Greater ability to react and act quickly


✔ Elimination of muscular imbalances and increase of load capacity for optimal injury prevention

The sets for athletes and sportsmen from FLEXVIT

Our sets in an overview

So that you always have the right band at hand for every exercise, we have put together three special band sets for you. Depending on your requirements and training goals, either the Athlete Starter Set, the Athlete Set Pro or the Athlete Set Junior is exactly the right combination package for you.

FLEXVIT Athlete Set

Do you love to exercise in your free time, but training with bands is still new territory for you? Then our Athlete Starter Set is the perfect way to get started. With these four versatile FLEXVIT bands and the practical multi-anchor, you can approach band training in a relaxed and fun way without being overwhelmed.

Our Set contains:

2 x Mini (1 x red, 1 x green)
1 x Resist
1 x Revolve
1 x Multi Anchor
1 x Mesh-Backpack

FLEXVIT starter set athlet

FLEXVIT Athlete Set Pro

Pro Set Athletes and Sportsmen FLEXVIT

Are you an ambitious athlete? If you are involved in semi-professional to professional sports, then our Athlete Set Pro is your new favourite companion. Six selected FLEXVIT bands, as well as the comfortable wooden handles and the PATrigger, offer you an effective training upgrade with which you can push yourself to new best performances.

Our Set contains:

3 x Mini
1 x Resist (strong – dark greyg)
1 x PATband strong
1 x Multi Sling
1 x Grip Handles
1 x PATrigger
1 x Mesh-Backpack

Pro Set Athletes and Sportsmen FLEXVIT

FLEXVIT Athlete Set Junior

It is never too early to start with an effective and high-quality training. Children and teenagers in particular have very special motor and physical prerequisites. Our Athlete Set Junior therefore includes a combination of four FLEXVIT bands and the door anchor, which are perfect for age-appropriate, flexible and challenging training.

Our Set contains:

3 x MinY
1 x Resist (light – light grey)
1 x MultY
1 x Door Anchor
1 x Mesh-Backpack

Junior Set Athletes Sportsman FLEXVIT
Get better at your sport with FLEXVIT

Get better at your sport


With the athlete sets and the professional fitness bands from FLEXVIT you can easily reach your individual goals:

  • More efficient movements

  • Higher reactivity

  • More endurance

  • Injury prevention

  • Faster changes of direction

  • More explosiveness

  • More flexibility

  • More movement control

Get better at your sport with FLEXVIT
Max Hauser Volleyball WWK

Max Hauser

Head Coach WWK Volleys Herrsching, Volleyball Bundesliga Men

The best quality bands: last the longest and do not lose tension. Pleasant to wear on the skin during exercise. A small gym for on the go.

Lisa Mayer Athletics

Lisa Mayer

German top sprinter, 4th place 4 x 100 m Olympic Games Rio 2016

The FLEXVIT bands are a small but important tool for me in training and accompany me on my way to the Olympic Games.

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FLEXVIT APP for your Functional Training

Do you prefer to train with an app? Then put together your own personal training plan in the FLEXVIT app now!

Get the free FLEXVIT training app now and get an overview of numerous exercises & workouts. We want to support you in discovering new exercises for your functional band training and in exchanging ideas with other athletes about workouts and training exercises. You also have the possibility to develop your own training exercises and share your workouts with your friends!