Lio – standing on the football pitch without injury

BetterPhysio - with the Lio app to training success

Train like the pros with Medical Athletic Coach


Many professionals have an individual trainer who builds them up after an injury and reduces the risk of injury. With the smartphone app Lio, this approach is now also available in digital form for all other footballers.


The Lio app uses various parameters to analyse the individual situation (or physical condition) and queries the goals and needs of the trainee.


On this basis, a training plan is individually tailored to the respective needs and ailments, which also adjusts itself over time. The personal progress can be tracked in the app, which promotes motivation.

Individually selected exercises, professionally explained


Each training session can then be done together with Lio. The exercises are simply explained and run along with the training in real time via video.


Exercises with FLEXVIT bands are integrated into the training plans for both injury prevention and performance enhancement. Lio incorporates both research results and many years of experience from professional and amateur football.


In addition to the training, Lio gives tips on how to handle your own body professionally. Special exercises for before the training session or match round off the app’s range of support services.

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The Lio app from BetterPhysio supports your post-exercise training.