Innovative training for the feet with Blackboard Training

With the BlackBoard you train your foot muscles properly

Free your feet – Putting people back on a healthy footing


Feet literally play a supporting role. Day after day, they help us to cushion our steps and efficiently convert the energy we use when running. It is not uncommon for long-lasting problems to start at the bottom – with the feet.


For the first time, the BlackBoard offers the possibility to train specific movement patterns of the foot and thus to integrate them into everyday life again. FLEXVIT bands help to provide targeted stimuli through specific resistance and thus support neuronal activation and muscular strengthening.


Those who regularly train the natural movement patterns of the foot have better cushioning when walking and benefit from more stability and balance.

The BlackBoard


With two connected but separately movable standing surfaces, the BlackBoard can be used to isolate and thus specifically exercise the movement of the forefoot and hindfoot.


In addition to mobilisation, the freely adjustable axes of rotation enable differentiated activation and strengthening of desired or possibly deficient muscle groups.


The BlackBoard is still produced by hand at the Cologne site.

How to train the muscles in your foot with the Blackboard

The BlackBoard ToeBands by FLEXVIT


The ToeBands, which were developed in cooperation with BlackBoard, are the first traction bands designed specifically for the foot. They enable isolated training of the foot and toe muscles both when standing and integrated into dynamic movement patterns, such as walking.


Mobilisation of the joints, strengthening of the musculature and strengthening of neural pathways – all this can be done easily and quickly with the ToeBands.

The application techniques are easy to use and make training with the ToeBands a real experience. For an even more effective and targeted training, the ToeBands can also be excellently combined with the exercises on the BlackBoard.

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