The applications for fitness bands are numerous, the training possibilities unlimited. Athletes, trainers and therapists rely on FLEXVIT bands for injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as in the fitness and health sector. All the way to professional sports, where top athletes work on their sport-specific movement sequences.

Together with experts from all areas, we want to give you valuable background knowledge, tips and exercise ideas for the various areas of application in our blog – for inspiration, to build up knowledge, and to enjoy functional training with FLEXVIT bands!


Here you can read about optimal training management and useful exercises during the rehabilitation process. You will also learn which tapes are suitable for the particular application (tactile stimulus; protection, etc.).

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Learn more about injury prevention with sports tapes in the Therapy Blog.


Here you can learn more specifically about fitness aspects such as improved body composition, strength, endurance as well as flexibility, all of which can be improved with FLEXVIT bands. We show you functional exercises and explain what they are good for and what you need to pay attention to when doing them.

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Efficient training with fitness bands - In our blog we show you training exercises for your workout.


How (sport-specific) movement sequences can be refined and economised, how direction changes can be made more explosive or how speed and strength can be increased – you can read all this and more about training at the highest level here.

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Improving mobility and coordination with modern training bands.


New products, new partnerships, events and more – here you will find the latest news about the FLEXVIT brand as well asour partners and commitments. In addition, we also publish our email newsletters here as an archive for you to read.

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