The Training Book by Tom Flicke - Zugband-Konzepte

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Functional Band Training with Tom Flicke und FLEXVIT


In his book Tom Flicke shows how FLEXVIT bands can be used for highly efficient multifunctional training. Detailed information and practical application tips provide an introduction to functional band training.


Whether rehab sports, body shaping or muscle building: Tom Flicke’s “Zugbandkonzept” (engl. pulling band concept) contains a comprehensive exercise catalogue from which an individual program can be put together which is tailored to the personal training goal.



Our FLEXVIT Mini is small, light and easy to handle. The compact size and the enormous variety of exercises allow an effective training everywhere and even in small places – no matter if you’re at home, in the office or on holiday.


And if the mini-band gets dirty? No problem. The FLEXVIT Mini is washable up to 60 degrees.

Training exercises from the training book by Tom Flicke
Tension Band Concepts - The Training Book by Tom Flicke

The FLEXVIT Revolve


Our FLEXVIT Revolve is the optimal compromise between the FLEXVIT Multi and the FLEXVIT Resist. Thanks to its compact size it fits in every pocket.


Made of textile-woven rubber, the Superband is suitable for the training of your whole body. It is also the right choice for focused training sessions of specific regions of the body.

Get started immediately with book and bands


To get you started right away, we packed Tom Flicke’s book with our FLEXVIT Mini and our FLEXVIT Revolve. Start exercising at home with help of the book and save money at the same time!

Tom Flicke - Author "Zugband-Konzepte"

About the author


Tom Flicke studied economics and sports to become a teacher. As a teacher at the State Vocational Centre in Starnberg he is responsible for the professional training of sports and fitness professionals, for whom he has also published the textbook “Sportfachlich beraten und betreuen”, which is used all over Germany. He is also a member of the curriculum commission for sports and fitness management assistants and a member of the examination board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Upper Bavaria for sports and fitness management assistants. He has numerous trainer and advanced training qualifications and has been working in the fitness industry for over 25 years.