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Leave the bat behind and pick up the band instead: you’ll feel the difference on the green! Check out our Golf Athletics course now!

As in many other sports, it has also been accepted in golf that a successful player must also train off the green. Athletic training has an extremely positive effect on physical and mental performance, which is why it already has a fixed place in the training schedule of professional golfers. But you don’t have to play big tours to train like the professional golf players for your golf game.

Based on the 7 basic movement patterns of our FLEXVIT Daily 7, and specifically geared to golf, course participants learn how to use our FLEXVIT bands to train rotation and mobility, optimise interconnectivity between your movement ability, increase strength and explosiveness during the stroke, and improve their golf athletics in an injury-preventive manner.

Why are atheltics especially important in golf? In this sport in particular, everything revolves around a one-sided swing movement, which can quickly lead to muscular imbalances and thus to pain in the long term – if these are not counteracted. Golf-specific athletic training with resistance bands offers an optimal opportunity not only to prevent injuries but also to increase overall performance on the green by training the flexibility and strength of all body regions.

The FLEXVIT Golf Set for your Training!

Have you become curious and want to integrate bands into your golf training? Then the Golf Set is just the right thing for you: Optimally composed for athletic training in golf, the FLEXVIT Golf Set (in a lighter and a heavier version) offers the perfect band combination to optimize your golf game from A to Z. Discover our golf set here.

Our Golf Set contains:

Training with bands Golf-Set-FLEXVIT

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Golf Athletics Training Course

1.   Theory around athletic training with bands in golf

2.     Improve mobility

3.     Training Day 1

a.     Unilateral rowing pull

b.     Lunge with rotation kneeling

c.     Unilateraler rowing pull kneeling

d.     Strengthening the posterior chain in prone position

e.     Push-up with rotation into lateral support

f.      Pallof press kneeling

4.     Training Day 2

a.     Dynamic unilateral rowing with rotation

b.     Lunges with rotation

c.     Single leg bridge with pull rotation

d.     Dynamic unilateral chest press with rotation

e.     Rowing in lateral support

f.      Dynamic pull rotation in kneeling position


The course is aimed at athletes, coaches and therapists – Functional Band Training in golf can bring a decisive advantage for your golf game. Train directly on the court or at home, when and where it fits your plans. Our bands are made of a robust, sustainable and allergy-friendly textile material, can be washed at 60 degrees and are comfortable for the skin. Learn in our course how to integrate the bands into golf-specific movements and train strength, flexibility and coordination.



Norman is a movement scientist, trained TRX and functional trainer and personal trainer. After his own career in competitive swimming, he has now swapped roles and switched from athlete to coach.

Norman applies his profound sports science know-how in particular to golf – as an athletic trainer, he coaches top athletes at the renowned Hamburg Golf Club on Falkensteiner Ufer. We bring Norman’s expert knowledge from the Hamburg green to your home.

Become part of the FLEXVIT community

All graduates of our courses and workshops will become part of the growing FLEXVIT Functional Band Training Community, where there will be international exchange, further education and discounted offers, and where above all the fun of the always fascinating training with our bands will be in the foreground.

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