Daily 7 Concept

The human body

The human body is a complex and integrated system of interconnected muscles, joints, fascia, bones and other tissues and organs that usually work together seamlessly. Each component has a purpose, a function.

Now, if the body is an interconnected system, why would you focus your training on just one muscle or body part? That would be neither efficient nor athletic (unless that one part has just lost its function, such as after surgery).

The (functional) training of movements

Life, like sport, is always about movement. Man is made for it. With our modern, “sedentary” lifestyle, however, we have lost our way. The way back to a healthier and pain-free life, or to becoming a successful athlete, is only through appropriate training.

Therefore, your training should also be primarily about movements. Functional movements that enable you to do the things you need or want to do in an efficient and painless way.

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The Daily 7 Concept


“Daily 7”, these are exercises based on seven basic movement patterns, which are based on the typical patterns of motor ontogenesis (the development from birth to walking upright).

Daily 7 Concept - Exercise Squats


Daily 7 Concept - Lung Training Exercise


Daily 7 Concept - Training Exercise Hinge


Daily 7 Concept - Training Exercise Push


Daily 7 Concept - Training Exercise Pull


Daily 7 Concept - Training Exercise Rotation


Daily 7 Concept - Plank Exercise


All human movements can be reduced to these movement patterns, and you will immediately find them (in combination or variation) in your everyday life – for example, when you pick something up, have to carry it, sit down and stand up, and so on.

Together with Stefan Liebezeit (personal trainer, instructor, managing director of the Munich Personal Training Lounge and founder of MPTL Grow) we developed the “Daily 7” concept with the idea that you should train each of these movement patterns at least once every day. So ultimately at least 7 exercises per (training) day.

Daily 7 Concept and FLEXVIT

FLEXVIT bands offer the necessary or desired support (assisted resistance) or additional resistance (resisted) for almost every exercise – as well as lots of variety and fun. They also offer the following advantages:

✔ The training and the build-up of resistance take place independently of gravity, i.e. when you pull “out of yourself”.

FLEXVIT bands are very lightweight – so you can “take the workout with you everywhere”.

✔ The resistance can be developed in all directions and is therefore functional, i.e. “real and suitable for everyday use”

FLEXVIT bands can be used excellently as a “learning aid”, namely to facilitate an exercise when learning the movement

The Daily 7 exercises can and should, in order to make the training varied and challenging, be constantly modified and varied, e.g. by choosing:


  • a different band (different category and/or strength),
  • the speed of movement and number of repetitions,
  • a different starting position (standing, kneeling, sitting, lying, single-leg stand etc).

However, the following rule always applies: The quality of the movement always comes first. Only increase the training load with additional or greater resistance when the movement can be performed correctly.

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