EMS Training

FLEXVIT bands – the perfect training tools for EMS training

In EMS training, an optimal basic tension is necessary to perform an exercise in a controlled and stable way. FLEXVIT bands are therefore ideal for use in EMS training. In your training, resistance bands can help to optimally target the muscles of the exerciser before the impulse is applied.

EMS Training FLEXVIT Training Bands

For example, if you want to strengthen the upper back muscles of one of the clients, you can use a suitable back exercise such as the bent-over reverse butterflies – instead of providing a manual stimulus with your hand, the resistance band allows you to target and control the intensity with different angles of pull.

With the bands in this EMS trainer set, you have the right band for every situation and exercise. For example, you could use the FLEXVIT Resist, place it 1 to 2 metres away from the client and get a much wider view of the person exercising. This will raise the quality of your EMS training to the next level, not only in terms of intensity, but also on the correction level!

FLEXVIT EMS Training Set

With the EMS trainer set you have high-quality and versatile equipment at hand with which you can challenge your clients in EMS training in an even more varied and versatile way.

Our Set contains:

2 x Mini (1 x yellow, 1 x red)
1 x Resist
1 x Multi
1 x Multi Anchor
1 x Mesh-Backpack
incl. numerous exercise cards


EMS band training-FLEXVIT

Experience even more effective EMS training now!

Take your EMS training to the next level with our training bands:

  • Noch effektiveres Training

  • Bewegungen gezielter trainieren

  • Für die Kräftigung aller Muskelketten

  • Verletzungsprophylaxe fördern


Physios, coaches and athletes around the world trust FLEXVIT

FLEXVIT bands are used by personal trainers, athletic trainers, therapists and athletes worldwide. From first aid after surgery to competitive training, to improve health, fitness and performance.

See what Eileen Gallasch – personal trainer – says about training with our FLEXVIT bands:


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Healthy and fit – very easy with the FLEXVIT training concept

You want your clients to train not only muscles, but movements functionally?

Our catchy Daily 7 concept helps you and your clients to perform a creative and never boring functional training with FLEXVIT bands at any time. The training concept is also ideal for EMS training, as the basic movement patterns can be performed with little space and using EMS equipment.

With the concept, you have an intuitive solution for “programming” at hand, which you can explain to your clients quickly and easily. With your order you will receive our Daily 7 poster!

Are you looking for other options?

No two customers are the same. If you need something new for your demanding customer or are looking for a solution to a specific problem, you are sure to find something to suit your purposes in our wide range of bands.

Our latest innovations include the FLEXVIT Chain stretch band, which quickly makes many aches and pains a thing of the past thanks to muscle length training. The PATband, the “Swiss Army Knife” among the bands, allows the creation of rotations far from the body and close to the body (“body strapping”) in order to increase stabilisation through torque. The yoga band brings a fresh functional variation to the asanas. And with the ToeBands, which we developed together with BlackBoard, the foot muscles can be specifically trained.

FLEXVIT: Discover more products – we offer everything for your  functional band training:


FLEXVIT APP for your Functional Training

Do you prefer to train with an app? Then put together your own personal training plan in the FLEXVIT app now!


Get the free FLEXVIT training app now and get an overview of numerous exercises & workouts. We want to support you in discovering new exercises for your functional band training and in exchanging ideas with other athletes about workouts and training exercises. You also have the possibility to develop your own training exercises and share your workouts with your friends!