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Exercise of the Month July: The Hurdle Step

Every month we present here a sports band exercise from theOS INSTITUT with FLEXVIT bands that can be performed in various regressions and progressions. The correct execution and the different areas of application are discussed.


Guest article by OS Institut

What is a Hurdle Step?


The Hurdle Step is mainly used to train balance and motor control in the one-leg stand. The FLEXVIT Multi fitness band is used to actively straighten the torso and to control flexion in the lumbar spine.


The supporting stimulus to activate the erector muscles challenges the exerciser more or less – depending on the choice of the resistance band. This should be chosen in such a way that the exerciser is able to straighten up in a controlled manner against the resistance.


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Performing the Hurdle Step with the FLEXVIT Multi Fitness Band


The starting position for the Hurdle Step:


  • The athlete stands with one leg on the marked centre of the FLEXVIT Multi resistance band.
  • The hands are passed through the end loop or, depending on the size, through the loops on each side so that the resistance of the band allows the arms to be fully extended under tension. The exerciser straightens up against the resistance of the sports band, while his arms are stretched above the head.
  • The spine is in a neutral position, the supporting leg is extended and the foot is evenly loaded.


The execution of the Hurdle Step:


  • The athlete lifts one leg so that the knee is at least at hip level. Then the elevation (if present as a target) is briefly touched with the tip of the foot before the foot is then returned and set down into the starting position again.
  • The torso should remain stable and there should be no movement in the lumbar spine. The ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and ear of the standing leg should be in line throughout the exercise.
  • Afterwards, the exercise with the sports bands should also be completed with the other side.

Applications of the Hurdle Step Exercise


The Hurdle Step with resistance band can be integrated as part of injury prevention (prehab), as well as in rehab or in the “return to sport” phase. The Hurdle Step is a fitness band exercise that is very suitable as a preliminary exercise or for learning the standing balance, as the one-legged knee lift can be practised in isolation.

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