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Fit in a wheelchair – inclusive fitness training with FLEXVIT

Fit in a wheelchair is not just about improving one’s own endurance, strength or mobility together with others through inclusive training. No, there is much more behind it.

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Fitness in a wheelchair – Why?

If “sitting is the new smoking”, what is it for a wheelchair user? Certainly a challenge, but one that should be faced. Because not only the sitting position itself, with limited mobility in the hip and pelvic region, but also the reduced mobility of the diaphragm and the resulting reduced ventilation of the lungs, can lead to permanent problems.

Fit in a wheelchair FLEXVIT training

Therefore, topics such as good positioning in the chair, breathing exercises in and out of the wheelchair and a daily mobility routine are important to counteract these limitations. This training concept is complemented by targeted exercises, especially for the shoulder muscles, which are subject to a lot of strain, and it is important to find a good mix of mobility and strengthening exercises. Components such as nutrition and regeneration belong in every balanced exercise and training programme and in many cases even form the basis for being able to train effectively.

In this context, the factor sleep is also of great importance for the diverse regeneration processes of our body, which can make a big difference at a low cost.

Sport for wheelchair users – more than just exercise

Even experienced athletes in elite sport do not always find it easy to motivate themselves or to implement even seemingly simple things in a sustainable way. Sustainability has a lot to do with fun and success. So it is important for each individual to find a suitable package of exercises, regeneration and nutrition strategies that will help them progress in terms of their limitations, but should also be appealing enough to find a place in a daily routine.

This task makes working with athletes and motivated wheelchair users so exciting and challenging that I like to face it every day and always enjoy developing myself in the process. - Dirk Lösel

Inclusive training Fit in a wheelchair

Fit in a wheelchair – The platform

Fit in a Wheelchair is our platform for active wheelchair users, their trainers and therapists. It is intended to inform, inspire, connect and, above all, help people to lead an active and moving lifestyle.

Who is behind the concept?

Dirk Lösel, born in 1964, is a speaker and physiotherapist from Wettenberg. Lösel is a true expert, with more than 25 years of professional experience from the fields of physiotherapy, performance diagnostics and athletic training. From 1996 to 2016, he was the head physiotherapist of the basketball Bundesliga team of the Giessen 46ers, and since 2015 he has been the athletics trainer of Team Germany men’s wheelchair basketball as well as of top athletes in Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Together with Thomas Böhme, national wheelchair basketball player, Lösel founded the “Fit im Rollstuhl” platform at the beginning of 2022. Here, the two motivate wheelchair users who want to take their fitness and athleticism to the next level. With a concept consisting of three main pillars, Lösel and Böhme try to support wheelchair users in their activity and sport.

Training for people in wheelchairs - inclusive training

Three pillars of “Fit in a Wheelchair”

  1. Training und Education

    The first pillar consists of a training and further education day for wheelchair users. In addition, the environment of trainers and therapists will be brought on board in order to improve the offer for people in wheelchairs in a holistic way and together with all participants.

  2. Online Platform

    The second building block is an online platform that can be used to plan and host live events on topics such as fitness, yoga, nutrition and regeneration. In addition, the online platform can also be used as a database for training exercises and suggestions, enabling an exchange regardless of location and making information and inspiration easily accessible to all.

  3. Events

    In the third step, their offer can also be booked as in-house events by organisations, associations, companies and clubs. This means that even beyond the digital exchange, people can be educated, informed and enlightened in the real world – in events to touch, try out and get to know.

Fit in a Wheelchair Inclusion Training FLEXVIT

Are you interested?

The first training and further education day for wheelchair users, trainers and therapists will take place in Gießen on 11 June 2022. The combination of training and further education on the topic of “Fitness in a wheelchair” offers people in wheelchairs the opportunity to train effectively and in a goal-oriented manner using their own body weight or small materials such as FLEXVIT bands.

The exercise selection and load are adapted to the individual possibilities of the participants. At the same time, the training is aimed at their environment of trainers and physiotherapists in order to present them with a training concept in theory and practice that they can use to support their wheelchair athletes and patients in sport and everyday life.

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