Exercises for Legs and Glutes with FLEXVIT

Fitness band exercises for legs and Glutes

FLEXVIT – Exercise comfortably from home

Summer is fast approaching and many are now looking for sporting challenges on the way to a beach figure. But motivation quickly wanes after the good New Year’s resolutions, and after the trial workout in the gym, the old familiar comfort sets in. You don’t feel like going out again in the evening, but on the other hand you feel guilty for not having exercised…

That sound familiar? The solution for this is called: FLEXVIT. With a band from FLEXVIT, you no longer have to get up to head to the gym, but can work out in the comfort of your own home, whether you’re watching TV, listening to the radio or listening to a radio play.

Legs and Glutes – the typical problem areas

Dents on the buttocks, flabby thighs, misshapen proportions – these are the typical disturbing areas on legs and buttocks. You can accept it as it is – or do something about it. Women in particular would like to get their legs and buttocks in shape for the summer. Lean, muscular legs and a firm buttocks are – besides a taut stomach – the most sought-after goals in the sport of many women, as fat deposits and buttocks are the biggest problem areas, which are difficult to bring into shape. But many men also attach importance to trained legs and a firm buttocks.

Exercises with FLEXVIT for a firm buttocks and toned legs

The following exercises are best done with a FLEXVIT Mini or a FLEXVIT Multi Band. The following exercises should be done regularly, at least once every three days, and the intensity and number of repetitions should be increased.

Warm-up for the legs: Leg lifts sideways

Lie on your side with your legs crossed. Tighten your band – preferably the FLEXVIT Mini – around your ankles: the more practice you already have, the tighter it will be. Support yourself with your elbow resting on the floor. Now slowly lift the upper leg straight up in the air until the band is on tension. Hold for about 15 seconds, then lower the leg again. Repeat the exercise 8 to 10 times at the beginning, with increases as you train more often.

Thigh training: hip bridge

This exercise is mainly for training the thighs. Basically, it is a variation of the lateral leg raise, except that other muscle groups are used. Tighten your band – the FLEXVIT Multi is a good choice – as high up on your thighs as possible. Lie on your side again, but this time keep your upper body on the floor. Lie on your side torso or support yourself with your arm resting on the floor, whichever is more comfortable for you. Now perform the exercise in the same way as for the lateral leg raise. Slowly raise the overlying leg, hold for 15 seconds, slowly lower again. You will quickly notice an effect in the thigh.

Power Workout for Buttocks and Thighs: Squat Walk

Really challenging, but all the more effective for it, is the squat walk. For this you need two FLEXVIT bands, one stretched tightly over your ankles and one around your thighs, slightly above the knees. Get into the squatting position with your buttocks stretched out backwards. Now walk around the room in this squat position for at least one minute, stretching the upper and lower legs as much as possible and thus tightening the ligaments. Try to run straight distances and change direction before obstacles.
Even if this exercise looks a bit silly from the outside, it is quite difficult to keep up after a while and extremely effective for toned legs and buttocks.

Butt workout with the pelvic lift

The next exercise is the pelvic lift and is ideal for working the muscles in the buttocks. Lie on your back and tighten your FLEXVIT band around your waist. Draw the legs so that the knees are bent and the feet are on the floor. That is the starting position. Now lift your buttocks with your arms under your pelvis holding the fitness band in place, so it is under tension between your hips and the floor. Slowly raise your buttocks and keep them as high as possible before slowly lowering your pelvis. Important: make sure that your upper body and thighs form as straight a line as possible and that your shoulders remain on the floor.

Leg lift in quadruped stance for tight glutes

Another excellent exercise is the quadruped leg lift. To do this, get on your knees and support yourself on the palms of your hands at head level. As a starting position, hold one end of your FLEXVIT band with your hands and tighten the middle of the band under your right foot. Now lift the foot and stretch it straight back upwards, keeping the band under tension – the other leg remains on the floor. Remain in this position for a few seconds before slowly lowering the foot again and changing the side of the leg after a few passes. A tip: wear shoes with rubber soles. Because with socks or barefoot, it can happen that the band slips off the foot. Increase the repetitions per leg in each workout.

Quadruped Stand: Alternative

A more strenuous alternative to this exercise is to tighten the band around the joint of the resting foot instead of holding it in place with the hands. This also trains the resting leg, mainly the lower legs.

Tighter abs and buttocks with FLEXVIT – in combination with stamina

A final note: the above exercises are great for getting your bum and legs in shape. If you do these exercises with the FLEXVIT bands regularly, persistently and with increasing intensity, you will see the first results after a few weeks. For a really athletic figure and to fight fat deposits effectively and faster, you should do endurance training in addition to the exercises listed, be it in the form of a cross trainer, jogging or swimming.
If you perform these exercises with concentration and regularly with increases in band resistance and repetitions, you will come closer to your dream of toned legs and buttocks after some time.

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