Our FLEXVIT Accessories at a glance

FLEXVIT accessories - even more flexibility for your workout

FLEXVIT Accessories for even more exercise variety


FLEXVIT bands can be used in many different ways in training and therapy. And we are always thinking about how to expand the variety of exercises with FLEXVIT bands. We are inspired by many creative users.


WITH FLEXVIT bands, a wide variety of exercises are carried out in a wide variety of situations. For example, on the football field, in the functional training area of the studio, or in the treatment room of the practice.


With our specially developed FLEXVIT Accessories, we expand the scope for creative practice ideas – because variety can enrich every training.



With the FLEXVIT Multi-Anchor, we offer a sophisticated anchoring solution with which the FLEXVIT bands are protected and can be used over the full expansion path.


Changing the FLEXVIT bands is also quick and easy thanks to the carabiner mechanism. With the fixation on a post, rod or the rungs wall, especially pressure and tensile exercises, but also exercises such as resisted jumps or lateral steps can be carried out with the FLEXVIT Resist without a partner.

Accessories for your training - the anchors from FLEXVIT
Fastening your fitness band with accessories from FLEXVIT


The FLEXVIT door anchor can be attached to almost any door. It was specially designed for attachment to the door suspension side in order to be placed variably from top to bottom in height.


Thanks to a sturdy carabiner hook, the FLEXVIT bands can be securely attached to the FLEXVIT door anchor. From core training to stability training to full-body strength training, everything is possible. Every room, whether at home, in the office or in the hotel, becomes a small gym.



With the FLEXVIT Accessories developed by us, exercises with FLEXVIT bands can be integrated even more versatile into therapy and training processes. We regularly share inspirations for exercises on our social media channels.