FLEXVIT Training & Education

Our vision is to be the brand that creates the most exciting and educational formats for knowledge transfer, in addition to the best tapes in the world. Our FLEXVIT bands have a huge application potential in sports, therapy, health and fitness. We would like to discover and develop this potential with you.

In doing so, we take into account that there are different types of learners and that you also need flexibility in your daily business when it comes to further training.

Education FLEXVIT online
Education FLEXVIT online

FLEXVIT Online Education Courses

Our online courses offer you as a trainer the most flexible option to gain in-depth knowledge of Functional Band Training. They give you the opportunity to learn from home, at your own pace and at any time. Nevertheless, you don’t have to miss out on the exchange with experts and colleagues.



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ZPP Training and Education

Education and training courses in presence

If you prefer to learn in a group and find the time to do so, then come to one of our face-to-face courses, which we offer on a wide range of topics. This gives you the opportunity to work out the extensive application potential of our bands hands-on with like-minded people and with our FLEXVIT coaches and to try them out for yourself. We offer fixed dates throughout the year as well as on-demand courses, which we hold at your location.

We will communicate the available dates shortly – if you would like to be notified or are interested in a training at your location, please send an e-mail to



ZPP Training and Education


Our training offer is rounded off by our various prevention courses. These have been certified by the Zentralen Prüfstelle Prävention (ZPP) of the health insurance companies according to §20 SGB V. For this reason, participants can have their course fees reimbursed up to 100% (depending on the health insurance company).

FLEXVIT training offers Functional Band Training

§20-Courses for Coaches

Are you a trainer and would like to offer §20 courses yourself? Then you can expand your offer and business with our courses. You will soon be able to register for our introductory courses and certificate exams. Until then, if you are interested, just send us an email to

First concept briefing:


– 18. July 2022 – 6 pm (approx. 90 min) –


Introductory price:


– 199 € (instead of 249 €) –


To register, please send a message to band-it@flexvit.band

FLEXVIT training offers Functional Band Training

We currently offer the following prevention courses:


– 360° Band Training: dthe strengthening whole body workout!
(Concept ID: KO-BE-TKLVR1) – introduces our training concept for adults


– 360° Band Training: the invigorating whole body workout!
(Concept ID: KO-BE-QCFTHE) – presents our training concept adapted for young people

§20 courses for “everyday athletes” and health athletes

For athletes, fitness enthusiasts and “everyday athletes” we will also offer our certified online course DAILY7 with 8 exercise units of 60 minutes each (The Daily 7 concept briefly explained). You will be able to book and do this course online. Participants are thus independent in their training, but can still claim the subsidy from their health insurance. We will also inform you about this on request – if you are interested, send us an email to



FLEXVIT Training and Education
FLEXVIT Training and Education

Become part of the FLEXVIT community

All graduates of our courses and workshops will become part of the growing FLEXVIT Functional Band Training Community, where there will be international exchange, further education and discounted offers, and where above all the fun of the always fascinating training with our bands will be in the foreground.

Interested in more information?

Then get in touch with us and we’ll answer your questions!