Our FLEXVIT Multi-Products at a glance

Fitness training with the FLEXVIT Multi



The FLEXVIT Multi is probably our most diverse fitness band. The high-quality sewn-in loops allow an endless number of exercise possibilities – only limited by your own creativity.


Since the loops are large enough to slip in even with your feet, whole-body workouts become possible without any problems. The wrapping of the band around the hand is also superfluous. The loops also allow a quick adjustment of the intensity of an exercise.


Like all other FLEXVIT bands, our multiband is made of woven rubber and therefore feels exceptionally good on the skin. At the same time, the FLEXVIT Multi is extremely robust and tear-resistant thanks to its innovative material.



Our FLEXVIT Multi can be used as flexibly as possible and everywhere. Exercises for stabilization, activation and strengthening can be carried out alone with the band as well as hypertrophy training.


Our FLEXVIT Multi is also used for creative exercises in yoga and pilates. Even in fascia training and muscle length training, our multiband is used. We ourselves are always amazed at the way in which our FLEXVIT Multi is used by our customers.


The FLEXVIT Multi replaces many other training tools as a versatile fitness equipment. It thus enables a cost-effective and effective training that can be carried out anywhere.

Versatile - the FLEXVIT Multi Band for your workout
Resistance development of the multifunctional training band

Force curve of the FLEXVIT Multi



Functional training becomes a breeze with our FLEXVIT Multi – after all, elastic fitness bands allow multivector and multiplanar training.


Joint-gentle and challenging at the same time, it is used in both the rehabilitation and athletics areas by many trainers and therapists. The FLEXVIT Multi can be used for both progression (complicating an exercise) and regression (facilitating an exercise).


The dynamic force curve is adapted to the normal range of motion (ROM) of the human movement. This means that the resistance of the strain adapts optimally to the radius of motion.



Our FLEXVIT Multi has been awarded the Plus-X Award for its high quality, design, functionality and ergonomics. The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle products.


7 Reasons to buy the FLEXVIT Multi


  • The loops for quick intervention make the wrapping of the band around the hand superfluous
  • The high number of loops allows a quick adjustment to height and/or intensity
  • The size of the loops allows the slip-in even with the feet (in shoes!)
  • The strain range is adapted to the normal range of motion (ROM) of the human being, for a meaningful and effective force trajectory curve
  • A slot in the middle of the belt allows the fixation with the FLEXVIT Multi-anchor or e.g. on a doorknob
  • Washable up to 60 degrees
  • Made in Germany

What exercises can I do with the FLEXVIT Multi?


Our infographic shows you at a glance which areas of application the FLEXVIT Multi is particularly suitable for:

Application Areas

The FLEXVIT Multi comes with a brochure in which some exercises are presented. We regularly share inspirations for exercises and how the FLEXVIT Multi can be used in yoga, pilates or strength training on our social media channels.

For trainers, therapists and (hobby) athletes, we have also been offering training courses since this year in which the optimal use of our FLEXVIT bands can be learned. More information about our trainings can be found on the FLEXVIT Academy website.


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