The FLEXVIT Resist - resistance band for your workouts



Our FLEXVIT Resist is indispensable in almost all sports at home and at clubs all over the world in athletics training – whether in sprint or jump training, strength or mobility training.


The material of the FLEXVIT Resists made of innovative manufacturing technology is stretchable, but very robust and tear-resistant. It feels exceptionally soft and does not cut into the skin even with high resistance.


The very good price-performance ratio makes our FLEXVIT Resist the ideal training tool for team training. Varied partner exercises promise fun and promote team spirit without neglecting a high intensity in training.



With our FLEXVIT Resist, sport-specific movements can be trained in a targeted manner. Whether on the tennis court, the volleyball court or in the basketball hall – it can be used wherever a movement is to be trained according to the situation with additional resistance.


Even an outdoor use, such as during football or rugby training on the turf, is possible with the FLEXVIT Resist without hesitation. The FLEXVIT bands can then be easily washed (up to 60 degrees).


The FLEXVIT Resist bands can easily be transported in larger quantities, thanks in part to their low weight. This makes our resistance bands suitable everywhere.

The resistance band for athletes - the FLEXVIT Resist
The development of resistance with the Resist training band

Force curve of the FLEXVIT Resist



Functional training is characterized by the fact that not only individual muscles are trained in isolation, but entire muscle chains and movements. It is not without reason that this form of training has entered the athletic training of almost all sports.


In most sports, complex movement sequences have to be completed – think of entry and stop movements, abrupt changes of direction, jumps or stroke and throwing movements.


All these movements can be specifically intensified and trained with our FLEXVIT Resist. Our bands can be used to improve overall performance in all physiological areas – be it strength, speed, coordination, agility or endurance.

7 Reasons to Buy the FLEXVIT Resist


  • All physiological aspects can be trained with the FLEXVIT Resist
  • The low weight and compact shape allow the bands to be taken to any training location
  • The different resistance strengths allow training from the youth area to the amateur to the professional field
  • Thanks to the good price-performance ratio, our bands are ideal as a cost-effective training tool for team training
  • The FLEXVIT Resists bandsare eco- and hygiene-certified
  • Washable up to 60 degrees
  • Made in Germany

What exercises can I do with the FLEXVIT Resist?


Our infographic shows you at a glance for which areas of application the FLEXVIT Resist is particularly suitable:

Training Areas

The FLEXVIT Resist comes with a brochure in which some exercises are presented. We regularly share inspirations for exercises and how the FLEXVIT Resist can be used specifically in training in various sports on our social media channels.

For trainers, therapists and (hobby) athletes, we have also been offering training courses since this year in which the optimal use of our FLEXVIT tapes can be learned. In particular, Module 2 (FBRT), which is all about performance, deals in detail with the targeted use of our FLEXVIT Resist for holistic performance enhancement in athletic training.

More information about our trainings can be found on the FLEXVIT Academy website.

Partner exercise with the Resist resistance band from FLEXVIT