Our FLEXVIT Revolve products at a glance

Training with the FLEXVIT Revolve fitness band



Our FLEXVIT Revolve is the optimal compromise between the FLEXVIT Multi and the FLEXVIT Resist. Thanks to its compact size, it fits in any pocket.


Our superband, made of textile-woven rubber, is suitable for whole body training, but is also the right choice if precise control of certain body parts is desired.


With our FLEXVIT Revolve, rotation alimony and anti-rotation exercises in particular can be carried out optimally – for a holistic core training. Thanks to the usual high FLEXVIT quality, the FLEXVIT Revolve is also extremely robust and tear-resistant.



The FLEXVIT Revolve is similarly compact as our  FLEXVIT Mini and can be easily taken anywhere. Especially exercises with your own body weight can be made optimally difficult with our FLEXVIT Revolve and are thus significantly more effective.


In no time, the superband is also attached to any rod, rung or branch. This means that, no matter where you are, there are immediately a wide range of training opportunities.


And if you want to train at home or in the hotel, you can use our FLEXVIT Multi anchor to turn every door into a training station for the FLEXVIT Revolve.

The development of resistance - FLEXVIT Revolve training band

Force curve of the FLEXVIT Revolve

Core workout with the Revolve training and fitness band



Our FLEXVIT Revolve creates the perfect basis for Functional Training. A strong center of the body – a prerequisite for most functional exercises – can be optimally trained with the superband.


The FLEXVIT Revolve also easy step up many basic functional movement patterns, such as push-ups or squats. This not only provides variety in these exercises, but also increases the effectiveness.


In physiotherapy, our FLEXVIT Revolve is used from the first day after surgery, such as after a cruciate ligament tear. The different band thicknesses allow an individual adjustment of the training intensity throughout the entire rehabilitation.

7 Reasons to Buy Our FLEXVIT Revolve


  • Pleasant textile haptics
  • Very robust and tear-resistant due to innovative technology
  • Optimal training tool for rotation al-rotation and anti-rotation exercises
  • Small and easy to transport
  • Enables a full-body workout
  • Washable up to 60 degrees
  • Made in Germany
Total body training with the FLEXVIT Revolve Outdoor
The fitness band for your workout from FLEXVIT

What exercises can I do with the FLEXVIT Revolve?


Find out at a glance which training areas the FLEXVIT Revolve supports:

Training Areas

The FLEXVIT Revolve comes with a brochure in which some exercises are presented. We regularly share inspirations for exercises and examples of how our superband is used in injury prevention and rehabilitation on our social media channels.

For trainers, therapists and (hobby) athletes, we have also been offering training courses since this year in which the optimal use of our FLEXVIT bands can be learned. More information about our trainings can be found on the FLEXVIT Academy website.