FLEXVIT – The (r)evolution of fitness bands

From Germany to the world stage

When our first FLEXVIT collection came onto the market in autumn 2015, we had no idea of ​​the global success that was to lie ahead.


Today we see world champions and Olympic champions from various sports training with our bands, from Canada to China and from South Africa to Norway.


Whether footballer, table tennis player, wheelchair athlete or luge athlete, professional or amateur – our elastic FLEXVIT bands enable every athlete to achieve highly effective functional band training, anywhere and at any time.

Functional band training for maximum performance

The functional band training is based on the latest findings from fascia research and athletic training. It follows the principle that not only individual muscles have to be trained in isolation, but entire muscle chains and movements.


The “spectrum” of use ranges from clinical rehab, where injuries are to be carried out again after specific injuries, to sports-specific athletic training.


The possible uses are limited only by your own creativity. Training programs can be designed variably for health, fitness, stress reduction, therapy and competitive sports.

From problem to idea

As a trainer, fitness bands were part of our everyday training tools. However, the types of bands available were mostly made of pure rubber and the tug on the skin was uncomfortable for many athletes and customers.


In addition to the material, we were also dissatisfied with the design and handling, which coincided with the view of many colleagues and users. And the tapes were still expensive. We thought: This has to be better!


Our sporting and professional background finally led us to act and develop a completely new approach that may seem almost revolutionary in this area.

#bandsreloaded: From the idea to the product

In months of development work, it went from the elaboration of our idea to the production of prototypes to tests and feedback from several athletic trainers and physiotherapists from top-class sports and the fitness and rehabilitation sector.


At the end of this process was our first FLEXVIT collection with high-quality bands, which are not only characterized by the completely new material, but also by their simple, but elegant and effective design.


Depending on the type of band and training method, all components of functional fitness can be trained: strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and stability.

Arrived in top sport


The worldwide use of our fitness bands in top-class sport shows that we strike home with our idea. Top clubs like Arsenal London or Atletico Madrid train with our bands today, just like world footballer Lionel Messi.


World champions and medallists from various other disciplines and sports also trust FLEXVIT in their competition preparation.

The diverse application possibilities with which activation, flexibility and strength exercises can be carried out and supported and intensified as required offer every trainer the possibility of highly individualized and specific training.


The special FLEXVIT quality


The special material of our fitness bands is not only skin-friendly, but also incomparably robust and durable thanks to a patented manufacturing technology.


With FLEXVIT bands, unpleasant tugging on the skin is history. Thanks to their washability, they also set new standards in terms of hygiene and allergy risk.


The seal „Designed, Developed and Made in Germany” underscores the quality of our bands and our regional connection.

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