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Training with the FLEXVIT Youth fitness bands



Higher, faster, further – the importance of athletics has increased enormously in the professional sector of all kinds of sports. This also applies to the youth sector. It is also, but not only, about increasing performance.


Never the less athletic training serves to prevent from injuries, because it prepares muscles, tissue, tendons and ligaments to handle greater forces.


Depending on their age, children and adolescents have specific physical and motoric abilities that must be taken into account when selecting training content and training methods – but above all when choosing training equipment.



Age-specific fitness, athletic and rehab training with FLEXVIT bands can help adolescents to improve their performance, body posture and awareness – in various manners and without great risks of injury.


Exercising with elastic fitness bands offers a number of advantages: you can apply dynamic forces in all directions and the techniques are simple. It allows a great variety of exercises and is enormously effective at the same time.


And due to the low stress on the joints, it is ideal for the special requirements during the still ongoing physical development – when overloading should be avoided at all costs.

Fitness training for children and young people with FLEXVIT Youth
Training with the FLEXVIT Youth MinY



Our FLEXVIT Youth specialised collection has been developed for the use of children and young people. The smaller body height, the narrower hip-width stance and the lower power development were considered in particular.


In close cooperation with athletic and rehabilitation trainers in the junior sector, we had the bands tested extensively by adolescents since the early phases of development. It was our aim to determine the correct resistance and optimum stretch.


Of course, our Youth bands are made of the well-known FLEXVIT material and manufactured in Germany. Therefore, they have the same special properties, such as robustness, washability and the pleasant feeling on the skin.

The special features of our FLEXVIT Youth collection


  • absolutely innovative: exclusively developed for children and teenagers
  • optimized adaption to the physical requirements of adolescents in intensive development work
  • enable age-appropriate fitness, athletic and rehabilitation training
  • can be used specifically for the prevention and treatment of postural defects, muscular dybalances and injuries
  • application for active training before training and competition as well as for performance improvement in ambitious teenagers
  • adaptable to every level of performance, even to absolute beginners/newcomers
  • allows the important training with resistance (“strength training”), but without weights
  • the performance of exercises is independent of the location: at school (moving break), in a club, at home or while travelling
  • easy on the joints and safe, therefore hardly any risk of injury
  • high fun component pair or group exercises
  • all bands of the FLEXVIT Youth collection are eco- and hygiene-certified
  • washable up to 60 degrees
  • Made in Germany



Our infographic shows you at a glance for which areas of application the FLEXVIT Youth bands are particularly suitable:

Training Areas

With the FLEXVIT accessories developed by us, exercises with FLEXVIT bands can be integrated even more versatilely into therapy and training processes. We regularly share inspirations for exercises on our social media channels.

Side support with the FLEXVIT Youth Miny