Germany’s largest endurance community wins FLEXVIT as silver partner

Haigerloch/Erding, 24. März 2020

Flexible Sports GmbH x TEA Endurance Community: The Flexible Sports GmbH cooperates with Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei (TEA), which unites over 5,000 active endurance athletes. Members receive access to special exercise programmes for training as well as discounts on the innovative athletic bands of the company brand FLEXVIT. In addition, selected perspective athletes are supported through sponsorship.

“As a TEA partner, we are tapping into a target group in which little is known about the positive effect of functional training with so-called fitness bands. However, sports science studies show that the targeted use of elastic bands before runs improves the running time of middle-distance runners, among others [1]. We are pleased that we will be able to support members in their individual training with our bands in the future,” comments Tim Hüfner, Managing Director of Flexible Sports GmbH, on the partnership.

The handy formats of the FLEXVIT bands make it possible to train effectively anywhere and at any time. The bands can be used to increase flexibility and mobility, among other things. Above all, they are used to activate and strengthen the muscles that stabilise the hips and legs. Both are important for running economy as well as a sustainable reduction in the risk of injury.

Endurance Community TEA - Partner of the Flexible Sports GmbH

Endurance Community TEA – Partner of the Flexible Sports GmbH

Daniela Oestreich, Team Ambassador of the TEA Region Hamburg and surrounding area, welcomes the cooperation: “Whether the muscles are to be activated before running training or torso stability is to be increased – FLEXVIT offers numerous supplements to endurance training with its bands and exercise instructions. We therefore recommend the athletic bands to our members with a clear conscience”.

In addition to their universal applicability, FLEXVIT bands are characterised by a special material. This is more robust and durable compared to the conventionally used rubber bands. In addition, the bands can be washed. All fitness bands are made in Germany and are eco- and hygiene-certified.


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About the Flexible Sports GmbH

Flexible Sports GmbH is the premium manufacturer of elastic athletic bands. FLEXVIT bands have been developed in close cooperation with athletics experts and therapists since 2015. In addition to the “Made in Germany” seal and the eco and hygiene certificate, they set new standards in terms of robustness, durability and design. Due to the wide product range and depth, FLEXVIT bands are used worldwide in professional, amateur and rehabilitation sports as well as in the fitness and health sector. The company is based in Haigerloch, Baden-Württemberg.

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About Team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei

Team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is the largest community in German endurance sports with over 5,000 athletes of all ages, from beginners to ambitious hobby athletes and professionals. Members receive benefits such as free starting places at all Active Tour events, competitions, professional seminars and special partner offers.


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[1] Have a look at Jonathan L. Low et. al., 2019, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine,