Avoid sports injuries through mobilisation and fitness

FLEXVIT: Avoid sports injuries – this is how!

A cruciate ligament rupture is a common injury in football or basketball. We present you some ACL prevention methods and exercises with sports bands that greatly reduce the risk of an ACL tear.

fitnessband uebungen shoulder

Fitness band exercises for the shoulder

Many people have shoulder problems. Athletes very often injure their shoulder, either in accidents or in collisions with others. In everyday life, too, for example when falling on heels or slipping on black ice, you very often land on your shoulder and injure it. Not

optimal exercises for the back and lumbar vertebrae

Optimal exercises for the back and lumbar vertebrae

Back and lower back problems are a common problem. Almost every third German complains about back problems over time. Sitting too long in front of the computer or sitting in one position with little movement is poison for the back. Read this article to find