PATband soft by FLEXVIT

The elastic resistance band for yoga and pilates

In the mood for something new? Get to know agoYoga now and bring more functionality, fun and variety into your yoga practice with the right fitness band!

The best yoga exercises with the FLEXVIT yoga set and the PATband soft

With the pink yoga band you can:


  • Make your postures more precise
  • Effortlessly get into (and out of) more complex postures
  • Learn to target the right muscles
  • Work across several body axes
  • Experience yoga in a whole new way

Especially during rotations and hip openings, but also in the forward bend or balance exercises, the yoga band PATband soft can facilitate the processes. And through the noticeable counterpressure of the sports band, you better understand which muscle groups are being used. Optimize your asanas with the Yogaband PATband soft for more flexibility, coordination and strength building!

The best of both worlds – Yoga & Functional Training

We originally developed the “PATband” fitness band in collaboration with Patrick Herzog for functional sports training. The length and the loops of the PATband enable the training of functional movements over the entire kinetic chain. Also, with our PATband it is possible for the first time to generate rotation close to the body (“body strapping”).

Mehr zum PATband

Yoga teacher Laura Biemann realised that this resistance band principle can also bring extraordinary benefits in yoga. So we developed the special PATband soft bright pink resistance band especially for this purpose, with a resistance that is optimally adapted for use in yoga.


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Static becomes movement thanks to the yoga band


Basically PATband soft is applied in a supportive manner in yoga – usually a foot or hand is inserted in one of the many loops of the resistance band for tension – the application with the resistance band can be individually adapted for every exercise, every body size and every performance level.

Stretching with the Yoga Band - PATband soft
Yoga: The long standing balance with the yoga band PATband soft
Yoga: standing balance with the PATband soft sports band

The new Yoga Plus concept is called “agoYoga”, meaning yoga read once forwards, once backwards. A play on words that is meant to reflect the flowing dynamics and new functionality in the sequences with the yoga band.

In a complete package: The FLEXVIT Yoga Set

Together with the PATrigger, which combines a fascia roller and point fascia product in one tool, you can get the PATband soft in an exclusive Yoga-Paket. In addition to the PATband soft and PATrigger in pink, this package also includes a special carrying bag that you can use as a wash bag for your new PATband soft yoga band!

Experience your yoga practice in a whole new, more functional way!

And these are the special features of the PATband soft:


robust and skin-friendly material

pleasant and natural feeling on the skin

allows for a very wide variety of exercises

quick adjustment of intensity to individual requirements

very compact, therefore easy to transport

Use at home, outdoors, alone or with a partner

Made in Germany

washable and hypo-allergenic

The PATband soft by FLEXVIT - Stretch band

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Exercises with the yoga set - fascia roller & PATband soft in use

This is what makes the PATrigger so special:

✔ several fascia tools in one set (would be much more expensive individually)

✔ small and handy, fits in a sports bag

✔ can be used as a support for many exercises 

✔ available in several colours  

✔ Made in Germany

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More about the agoYoga principle

More information about this topic in this video or at Om und Company:


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