FLEXVIT Stretchband Chain


The stretch band for improved mobility and less tension in everyday life – especially for frequent users. Improving flexibility and mobility with muscle length training. The shortening of the musculature is reduced.

  • Suitable for short exercises in between as well as for a complete session
  • Small and compact, perfect to travel with

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Made in Germany



Due to innovative material and special design with sewn-in loops, our FLEXVIT Chain offers significant advantages compared to other fitness bands:


  • Elasticity optimised for muscle length training in particular
  • Easy adaptation to individual needs and progress
  • No hand wrapping
  • No dermal contact with rubber/latex (i.e. even suitable for allergy sufferers and usage in the clinic)
  • Washable up to 60° C



  • Mobility training in everyday life, no matter where
  • Prevention and rehabilitation
  • Pain therapy
  • Physiotherapy and personal training
  • Mobility training in the group fitness area
  • Team and individual preparation for training and competition
  • Enhancing training for more power development


Training focus:

  • Opening and stretching exercises
  • Training of the front and back muscle fascia chains as well as the lateral and spiral chains
  • Flexibility and mobility


Further application:

  • Tension relaxation
  • Stretching exercises at home or on the road

approx. 3 x 98 cm




approx. 230 %


four sewn-in loops on one side allow multi-stage progression


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