FLEXVIT Mini Single


The miniband that feels really good on the skin. No rolling up, no pulling, and yet robust and tear-resistant. For effective training – anywhere and anytime.

  • 6 levels for all requirements
  • Washable up to 60° C

delivery time: 1-3 days

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Made in Germany



Due to innovative material and special design with sewn-in loops, our FLEXVIT Mini offers significant advantages compared to other fitness bands:


  • No dermal contact with rubber/latex (i.e. even suitable for allergy sufferers and usage in the clinic)
  • Exceptionally attractive haptics
  • Soft and good to your skin, no pulling of the hair
  • No rolling up during the exercises
  • Cracks rather unlikely and if so, then without impairment of the functionality



  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and personal training
  • Athletic training in team and individual sports
  • Fitness training at home, on the road and in the gym


Training focus:

  • Stabilization and activation of muscles and muscle chains
  • Mobilization of knee, ankle, hip and shoulders
  • Stabilization of the trunk
  • Strengthening of small, medium and large gluteal muscles


Further application:

  • Supporting correct exercise execution (e.g. for knee bends)
  • Supporting the targeting of certain muscles (e.g. in hip-thrust)

approx. 5.7 x 32 cm

Levels Mini

rehab (yellow), core (orange), prehab (red), fitness (green), power (blue), elite (black)


between 160% and 200%


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