FLEXVIT Multi-Anchor


With the FLEXVIT Multi-Anchor, all FLEXVIT bands can be quickly fixed to posts, rods, a rungs wall or something like that, both indoors and outdoors. The combination of non-elastic fixed band and large carabiner allows a stable grip and a quick change of the bands – whether Resist, Revolve or Multi.

  • Stable fastening
  • For even more pressure and tensile exercises
  • Quick and easy handling

delivery time: 1-3 days

The FLEXVIT Multi-Anchor has been specially developed for use with FLEXVIT bands and offers the following advantages:


  • Non-elastic fixed band made of robust material (PES belt material, thermofixed)
  • Carabiner made of aluminium
  • Extra-large carabiner, thus optimally also for the FLEXVIT Resist
  • Opening mechanism for quick and easy setup
  • Quick change of bands



  • Indoor training, e.g. at home or in the gym
  • Outdoor training, e.g. on the sports field or in the park
  • Sport-specific training, e.g. with football goalkeepers
  • Physiotherapy and training therapy (attachment to the rungs wall)


Training focus:

  • Tension and pressure movements
  • Rotation and anti-rotation
  • Full body training

Combination of FLEXVIT carabiner and FLEXVIT Fix band for fixing the FLEXVIT bands to devices, posts, rungs walls, etc.

Features Carabiner

Dimensions: 7.7 x 1.18 cm
Material: Aluminum
Color: black

Features Band

Size: B 30mm x L 600mm
Material: PET
Color: hemp


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