FLEXVIT Multi Single


Possibly the most versatile fitness band on the market, which also feels incomparably good. Thanks to its innovative design with sewn-in loops, it offers endless exercise possibilities – limited only by its own creativity.

  • 3 Strengths for all requirements
  • Great stretchability allows full movement amplitude of all extremities
  • Including practical washing net (washable up to 60° C)
  • Winner of the Plus X Award

delivery time: 1-3 days

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Made in Germany



Thanks to the innovative material and the special design, our FLEXVIT Multi offers decisive advantages compared to other fitness bands:


  • No wrapping of hands necessary
  • Fixed loops make it easy to adjust your height and/or exercise
  • Resistance almost unlimited variable (progression, regression)
  • No skin contact with rubber/latex (therefore suitable for allergy sufferers and use in the clinic)
  • Extraordinarily attractive feel
  • No rolling up during exercises
  • Cracks rather unlikely and if, then without compromising the functioning of the band



  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and personal training
  • Athletic training in team and individual sports
  • Fitness training at home, on the go and in the gym


Training focus:

  • Unbound whole body training
  • Stabilization, activation, strengthening and stretching
  • Flexibility


Other possible applications:

  • Muscle length training
  • Fascia training

orange and green approx. 3 x 275 cm
blue approx. 4 x 275 cm
hemp approx. 3.8 x 320 cm

Strength Multi

health (orange), fitness (green), power (blue)


orange, green and blue approx. 120%
hemp – has no elongation


all bands can be used with the FLEXVIT Multi-Anchor (door anchor) to increase the variety of exercises


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