FLEXVIT Multi Team Package (10)


The team package for the athletic training with the team, the group training in the gym, your next bootcamp or for rehabilitation in the practice or clinic.

  • Great price advantage
  • Including washing bag for washing, drying and storage

delivery time: 1-3 days

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FLEXVIT Multi, the all-rounder in a package of 10 perfect for your group, studio, club or similar

Made in Germany



Thanks to the innovative material and the special design, our FLEXVIT Multi offers decisive advantages compared to other fitness bands:


  • No wrapping of hands necessary
  • Fixed loops make it easy to adjust your height and/or exercise
  • Resistance almost unlimited variable (progression, regression)
  • No skin contact with rubber/latex (therefore suitable for allergy sufferers and use in the clinic)
  • Extraordinarily attractive feel
  • No rolling up during exercises
  • Cracks rather unlikely and if, then without compromising the functioning of the band



  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and personal training
  • Athletic training in team and individual sports
  • Fitness training at home, on the go and in the gym


Training focus:

  • Unbound whole body training
  • Stabilization, activation, strengthening and stretching
  • Flexibility


Other possible applications:

  • Muscle length training
  • Fascia training

orange and green approx. 3 x 275 cm
blue approx. 4 x 275 cm
hemp approx. 3.8 x 320 cm


orange, green and blue approx. 120%
hemp – has no elongation


all bands can be used with the FLEXVIT Multi-Anchor (door anchor) to increase the variety of exercises

Strength Band 1 - 5

Health (orange), Fitness (green), Power (blue), Sling (hemp)

Strength Band 6 - 10

Health (orange), Fitness (green), Power (blue), Sling (hemp)


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