The FLEXVIT MultY Band brings versatility to training children and teens. Thanks to its smart designs (sewn-in loops) it is suitable for every level of performance and intensity. The many possible applications guarantee a varied workout with resistance but without weights.

  • Training of almost all components of physical performance such as strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination
  • Resistance, elasticity and size can be quickly adapted to the physical requirements of young athletes and patients
  • Prepares beginners playfully and safely for the handling of resistors
  • Assisted and resisted use: can be used to provide assistance and to make things more difficult

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✔ Made in Germany

✔ Eco-certificate


Our FLEXVIT Youth collection is the world’s first collection of fitness bands specifically designed to meet the requirements for resistance training with young people. Our FLEXVIT MultY enables an appropriate load-bearing capacity of the musculoskeletal system and thus offers the optimal basis for training without weights already in childhood and adolescence.


With the FLEXVIT MultY, junior athletes can bring themselves up to a physical performance level with training that is easy on the bones and joints, which simplifies the entry into the later higher load in the respective sport in the adult area.


It allows physiotherapists and rehabilitation trainers to perform safe rehabilitation training and to benefit from the general advantages of belt training: multiplanar, no gravity, stepless regression.


Schools and clubs can include the FLEXVIT MultY in a wide variety of activities, such as moving breaks, play afternoons or camps.


Versatile application possibilities ensure varied exercise that contributes to health maintenance and injury prevention.


  • Improvement of the load capacity; enables young athletes a slow introduction to the loads in competitive sports.
  • Continuous activation of the core muscles
  • Intensity selection from light to heavy is infinitely “adjustable
  • Execution of push and pull movements
  • Great elasticity allows full range of motion of all extremities



  • Introduction of a general resistance training without weights for posture training and movement improvement
  • Improving flexibility
  • Core Training
  • Rehabilitation training for children and adolescents
  • Athletics training at home and on the road, in team and individual sports
  • Development of basic and sport-specific performance prerequisites for the adult sector


Training focus:

  • Strengthening and stretching
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Hip, knee and torso stability

approx. 245 x 3 cm
with 15 loops


approx. 120%




Elastic and very variable training band for children and teenagers
Colour: lime
Made in Germany
with wash bag and exercise card


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