FLEXVIT Revolve Team Package (10)


The team package for the practice, the studio or the team training in the club. From use in physiotherapy (from the first day after surgery) to use in professional sports, the FLEXVIT Revolve offers a wide range of training options.

  • Great price advantage
  • Including washing bag for washing, drying and storage

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FLEXVIT Revolve Packages – the innovative athletic band in a 10-pack of benefits for your practice, studio, club and more

Made in Germany



Thanks to the innovative material and the special design, our FLEXVIT Revolve offers decisive advantages over other fitness bands:


  • Safety when exercising, as very robust and tear-resistant
  • Attractive feel without sacrificing rubber properties
  • No “cutting” into the skin
  • No skin contact with rubber/latex (therefore suitable for allergy sufferers and use in the clinic)
  • Washable up to 60° C



  • Non-local training in everyday life (at home, in the office, on trips, …)
  • As an additional resistance in classic strength training (e.g. for bench and shoulder presses, squats, etc.)
  • Progression and regression of Calisthenics exercises
  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and personal training
  • Fitness training in team and individual sports


Training focus:

  • General and sport-specific stabilization exercises
  • Hull stability
  • Rotation and anti-rotation
  • Flexibility
  • Strength endurance


Other possible applications:

  • Extension of the variety of exercises in conjunction with the FLEXVIT Multi-Anchor
Strength Band 1 - 5

Basic (grey), Fitness (green), Power (blue), Elite (black)

Strength Band 6 - 10

Basic (grey), Fitness (green), Power (blue), Elite (black)


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