FLEXVIT Starter-Set


With the FLEXVIT starter sets, you can start functional band training right away – whether at home or on the go. Discover the wide range of training in a small space with FLEXVIT bands. From effective full-body exercises to targeted activation and strengthening exercises, you have a wide arsenal of options at your disposal. And with the FLEXVIT multi-anchor, almost) every door becomes the training station. Choose your starter set!

  • Price saving 20% compared to Individual purchase
  • Contains
    • 2x FLEXVIT Mini, 1x FLEXVIT Multi, 1x FLEXVIT Multi-Anchor
    • Storage and washing bags

delivery time: 1-3 days

With our FLEXVIT starter sets, we combine our FLEXVIT Multi, the FLEXVIT Multi-Anchor and two FLEXVIT Mini in one package – as “basic equipment” for the start of resistance training with elastic bands.


Thanks to its innovative design with sewn-in loops, the FLEXVIT Multi offers endless exercise possibilities – limited only by its own creativity.


The FLEXVIT multi-anchor can be fixed variably for most door types and thus expands the training variety even further – thus every setting (home, office, hotel) becomes a small gym.


The FLEXVIT Mini enables effective training – anywhere and anytime.

No rolling up, no goating, robust and tear-resistant. And they even feel good on the skin.


  • The FLEXVIT Multi can be fixed to almost any door with the FLEXVIT Multi-anchor
  • FLEXVIT Mini in two strengths



  • Fitness training at home, on the go and in the gym


Training focus:

  • Unbound whole body training
  • Stabilization, activation, strengthening and stretching
  • Weight reduction, fitness improvement and muscle building

Beginners, Hang On, Finisher


– Strengths FLEXVIT Mini: rehab (yellow) and prehab (red)
– Strength FLEXVIT Multi: health (orange)

Hang On:
– Strengths FLEXVIT Mini: core (orange) and athletic (green)
– Strength FLEXVIT Multi: fitness (green)

– Strengths FLEXVIT Mini: prehab (red) and power (blue)
– Strength FLEXVIT Multi: power (blue)


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