FLEXVIT EMS Training Set



A set of bands specially put together for EMS training for the variable accompaniment of EMS training. With the bands and strengths selected by the EMS experts from GluckerKolleg, you can take your EMS training to a new level. This way you create more variety, more diversity and more control for you as a trainer.


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Our EMS training set contains:


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For better EMS training in the studio or micro-studio. Find out more about the advantages of the EMS set for trainers and athletes: Here are more tips on EMS training with fitness bands.


Training focus with the EMS-Training Set:


✔ Stability & muscle tension

✔ Activation, strengthening & stretching

✔ Weight reduction, condition improvement & muscle building

✔ Learning and improving movements


The FLEXVIT EMS training set was created in close cooperation with the EMS experts from GluckerKolleg, who have been training EMS trainers in Germany and around the world for many years. In doing so, we have made the optimal choice of bands and strengths so that you can immediately incorporate the world of band training into your EMS training.

The different types of bands and strengths always allow you to choose the optimal resistance, individually according to the performance level and training goal of you or your clients (in terms of intensity, but also in terms of movement).

With the special, high-quality material of the German-made FLEXVIT bands, you give yourself or your customers the noticeable quality that he expects from the training tools of an EMS trainer in 1:1.

The FLEXVIT multi-anchor makes it easy to attach the FLEXVIT bands to posts, bars or a wall bars.


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