Our yoga set contains the PATband soft and the PATrigger as well as a practical transport and wash bag – all in exclusive pink!

With the extremely versatile and efficient training tools, the yoga practice becomes a new experience in a more functional way!


More information:

  • Price saving compared to single purchase
  • contains
    • 1x PATband soft by FLEXVIT
    • 1x PATrigger
    • Transport and wash bag

delivery time: 1-3 days

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With our FLEXVIT yoga set, we combine two new types of functional tools in one package – for a new yoga experience.


More information about the agoYoga concept by Laura Biemann and Patrick Herzog with PATband and PATrigger: https://om-company.de/agoyoga-funktionelles-yoga.


We developed the PATband soft by FLEXVIT in collaboration with Patrick Herzog and yoga teacher Laura Biemann. With our pink yoga band you can:


  • Clarify your postures
  • Effortlessly find your way into (and out of) more complex postures
  • Learn to target the right muscles
  • Work across several body axes
  • Experience yoga in a whole new way


The PATband soft offers the following advantages:

✔ robust and skin-friendly material

✔ pleasant and natural feeling on the skin

✔ enables and supports over 100 exercises

✔ quick adjustment of intensity to individual performance level

✔ very compact, therefore easy to transport

✔ use at home, outdoors, alone or with partner

✔ Made in Germany


And these are the special features of the PATrigger:

  • several fascia tools together (would be much more expensive together)
  • small and handy, fits in a sports bag
  • can be used as a support for many exercises
  • Made in Germany


Areas of application:

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Functional Fitness Training


Training focus:

  • Improving mobility and flexibility
  • Body forming (strength and endurance)
  • Elimination of imbalances (posture correction)
  • Muscle control and activation (muscle length training)
Bundle consists of:

1x PATband soft by FLEXVIT
1x PATrigger
Transport and wash bag


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