FLEXVIT Youth Bundle


With the FLEXVIT Youth Bundle, children and young people can start training immediately – at home and in nature. FLEXVIT MinY and MultY have been specially developed for young athletes who have ambitious goals:

  • enables age-appropriate and effective training of basic athletic skills
  • helps to maintain health and prevent injuries
  • easy and fun training without the risk of overload

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Our FLEXVIT Youth collection is the world’s first collection of resistance bands specifically designed to meet the requirements of functional band training for and with young people. It enables an appropriate load-bearing capacity of the musculoskeletal system and thus promotes athletic development already in childhood and adolescence.


The FLEXVIT Youth Bundle contains:

  • 1x FLEXVIT MultY
  • 3x FLEXVIT MinY (light, medium, heavy)


The FLEXVIT MultY offers the optimal basis for a full-body workout without weights. Thanks to the smart design (with sewn-in loops), it is suitable for all body sizes, every performance level and different intensities.


The FLEXVIT MinY can be used to specifically address imbalances and weaknesses in the hip and shoulder muscles that are prevalent nowadays due to long periods of sitting and lack of exercise. Young athletes can prevent overloads and thus injuries through targeted exercises and prepare themselves for higher loads.


FLEXVIT MultY and MinY provide a varied workout:

  • Execution of compressive and tensile movements
  • great extensibility allows full amplitude of movement of all extremities
  • Improvement of the load capacity
  • Preparation for the high loads in the professional area
  • Training with low strength requirements
  • Training of basic sequences for early learning of basic movement patterns (squat, push-up, …)


Areas of application:

  • Introduction of general resistance training without weights for posture training and movement improvement.
  • Athletic training at home, on the road and in club training
  • Development of basic and sport-specific performance prerequisites


Training focus:

  • Activation and strengthening
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Core and stability training


✔ Made in Germany

✔ Eco certificate





mega (pumpkin) – light, cool (neon green) – medium, crass (azure blue) – heavy

semi-light (lime)


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