FLEXVIT Set for Footballers



Are you the athletics coach of a football team and want to take your team to the next level? Then this set is the perfect equipment for training and competition preparation. It gives you new possibilities for designing your athletic training because it can make your players fitter, stronger, faster and less prone to injury. And it does it right on the pitch – because that’s where the truth is, isn’t it!


With this FLEXVIT band and accessory set, you’ll train just like Champions League winners and world champions.


Save more than 150 € now with the Football Team Set!


Take your team to the next level with the football set. Make your training even more effective and performance-oriented with our high-quality FLEXVIT bands.


  • Our set contains:


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With our FLEXVIT football set, we combine specifically selected bands, practical accessories and a weatherproof team bag for transport, as the basis for the next training offensive.


For whom is the set:


  • For ambitious football teams,
  • who want to use professional football-specific athletic and fitness training
  • to improve performance and
  • minimise the risk of injury.


In making our selection, we were guided by the user experience of numerous athletic trainers who successfully use FLEXVIT bands in football training, from amateur clubs to Champions League winners.


The different types of bands and strengths allow you a certain flexibility in choosing the optimal resistance for your players (in terms of intensity, but also in terms of movement).


With the special, high-quality material of the German-made FLEXVIT bands, your team will enjoy the pleasant feeling on the skin. No rolling up, no pulling on the skin and no sudden tearing as with conventional bands.


Training focus:


✔ Full-body training, directly on the court

✔ Football-specific technique training and training of movement sequences

Speed and agility training (e.g. resisted speed, overspeed)

✔ Improvement of the ability to cope with stress

✔ targeted reduction of individual muscular imbalances

Stabilisation, activation, mobilisation

✔ Circuit and pair training



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