Take advantage of the winter break and not only improve your golf game, but also effectively prevent injuries and strain – with the FLEXVIT golf set especially for the athletic training of golfers. With this set you can always and everywhere do something to return to the green in spring optimally prepared.


Start immediately and train like a pro: With the purchase of a golf set you will receive our online course worth 49€ for free!


Unser Golf Set in two versions:
With the Golf Set, available in a lighter (“Birdie”) and a heavier (“Eagle”) version, you’ll give a whole new approach to athleticism in your golf game that will excite you (and amaze your opponents) both during practice and later on the golf course.


Our Golf Set contains:

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Whether it’s Brooks Koepka, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson or Bryson DeChambeau – they’ve all been sweating it out off the green for a long time. You too can take advantage of the many benefits that come with athletic training: The ball flies farther, the golf game becomes more consistent, and most importantly, injuries are prevented. So you can enjoy your golf game longer without pain. Sounds good? It is good!


For whom is the Set:


  • For ambitious golf players and trainers,
  • who want to use professional golf-specific athletic and fitness training
  • to improve performance and minimize the risk of


The different types of bands and strengths always allow you to individually choose the optimal resistance depending on your performance and training goals (in terms of intensity, but also in terms of movement).

With the special, high-quality material of the German-made FLEXVIT bands, you will enjoy the pleasant feeling on your skin. No rolling up, no pulling on the skin and no sudden tearing as with conventional bands. Plus, our bands are really easy to wash, so even muddy outdoor sessions in the fall and winter won’t harm the bands.


Training focus:


✔ Full body workout, on the range, at home or in the gym.
✔ Support of golf-specific technique training (movement sequences)
✔ Improvement of the load capacity
✔ Improvement of mobility
✔ Targeted reduction of individual muscular imbalances
✔ Stabilization, activation, mobilization


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