FLEXVIT Athlete Set Junior



Are you a youth coach and would like to learn about the benefits of Functional Band Training? Or maybe you are a young athlete yourself and want to improve your training? Then this set is the perfect introduction for you. With the Junior Set for Athletes, you can make your training effective anywhere and get to grips with the world of training with resistance bands.


Save more than 25 € now with the Junior Athlete Set!


  • Our set contains:
    • 3 x MinY
    • 1 x Resist (light grey)
    • 1 x MultY
    • 1 x door anchor
    • 1 x Mesh Backpack

delivery time: 1-3 days

With our FLEXVIT set for young athletes, we combine our most popular bands with our practical accessories and a backpack for transport to create the perfect basic equipment for you.


The different types of bands and strengths always allow you to choose the right resistance according to your age group and level of performance (in terms of intensity, but also movement).


With the special, high-quality material of the FLEXVIT bands made in Germany, you train with the noticeable quality that adapts to your individual training level. No rolling up, no pulling and no sudden tearing as with conventional bands. FLEXVIT bands challenge you, but are always comfortable against your skin.


With the FLEXVIT door anchor, you can easily fix the FLEXVIT bands indoor to the door frame and expand your exercise variety.


Areas of application:

  • Individual and group training in the athletic area
  • Sport-specific technique training and refinement of movement sequences
  • Avoidance of injury risks by reducing muscular imbalances
  • Strengthening small muscles that stabilise and protect joints
  • Training of basic sequences for early learning of basic movement patterns (squat, push-up, …)


Training focus:

✔ Introduction of general resistance training

✔ Improving the ability to bear weight

✔ Rehabilitation training for children and adolescents

✔ Location-independent athletic training, in team and individual sports

✔ Development of both basic and sport-specific performance requirements for the adult sector


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