FLEXVIT Athlete Set Pro



You are an athlete and want to develop beyond your limits? Then this set is the perfect companion for your training. With the Pro Set for athletes, you can make your training effective anywhere and challenge your body anywhere and anytime.


Save more than 50 € with the Pro Set for athletes!


  • Our Set contains:
    • 3 x Mini
    • 1 x Resist (heavy – dark grey)
    • 1 x PATband strong
    • 1 x Multi Sling
    • 1 x wooden handles
    • 1 x PATrigger
    • 1 x mesh backpack

delivery time: 1-3 days

Push your personal limits with the Athlete Set Pro. Make your training even more effective and performance-oriented with our high-quality FLEXVIT bands.
In addition to the premium quality FLEXVIT bands, the set includes the practical Multi Sling, the comfortable wooden handles and a PATrigger for better recovery. In addition, you will receive a FLEXVIT mesh backpack that will accompany you to every workout together with your new tools – for really ambitious athletes and sportsmen!
With our FLEXVIT Athlete Pro Set, we combine our most popular bands with our practical accessories and a backpack for transport to create the optimal basic equipment for you.


The different types of bands and strengths always allow you to choose the right resistance according to your individual performance and training goals (in terms of intensity, but also movement).


With the special, high-quality material of the FLEXVIT bands made in Germany, you train with the noticeable quality that you need for optimal performance growth. No rolling up, no pulling and no sudden tearing as with conventional bands. FLEXVIT bands challenge you, but are always comfortable against your skin.


Areas of Application:

  • professional fitness and athletic training
  • Targeted performance enhancement
  • Avoidance of injury risks
  • Individual athletic training at home, on the road and in the gym


Training focus:

✔ Location-independent whole-body training

✔ Sport-specific technique training and training of movement sequences

Neuroathletic training

✔ Improvement of the ability to cope with stress

Targeted reduction of individual muscular imbalances

✔ Stabilisation, activation, strengthening and stretching

✔ Improvement of condition

✔ Muscle development

✔ Learning and improving movements


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