The PATband by FLEXVIT is a general purpose band for Functional Training. With a total length of more than three meters and 16 loops sewn in, the PATband can be used in many ways. The intensity of exercises can be optimally adapted to the individual training and health status. The PATband was developed in cooperation with the PAT system developer and athletic trainer Patrick Herzog.

  • can be stretched up to a length of approx. 9 meters
  • FLEXVIT carabiner for fastening included

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The PATband by FLEXVIT was developed in cooperation with Patrick Herzog especially for use in Functional Training and offers the following advantages:


  • robust and skin-friendly material
  • pleasant and natural feeling on the skin
  • enables over 1000 exercises
  • rapid adjustment of intensity to individual performance level
  • very compact, therefore easy to transport
  • use at home, outdoors, alone or with partner
  • Made in Germany



  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and personal training
  • Athletics training
  • Home training


Training focus:

  • Posture correction
  • Eliminate misalignments
  • Improving mobility
  • Figure tightening
  • Stretching

Robust and skin-friendly band for functional training as well as stretching, 16 loops


6 x 312 cm




approx. 200%


The PATband by FLEXVIT can be optimally combined with the PATmat. More information about Patrick Herzog's PAT system can be found here: https://pat.fit/