TheraBogen – the multi-talent in the training and therapy sector

The TheraBogen - innovative wall bars for your workout
Fitness training with resistance bands from FLEXVIT and the TheraBogen

High application diversity and individual possibilities


When choosing training equipment for their own premises, trainers and therapists often face several challenges: How do I use the space optimally? How do I create a pleasant room atmosphere? What training possibilities do I get?


The TheraBogen, made of birch wood, saves space, also activates on a sensory level thanks to the silky-smooth wooden rungs and offers a variety of exercise options in one piece of equipment.


In contrast to a conventional wall bar, it has a wider range of joint angles, torques and different leverage effects.

Highest quality and regional solidarity


In combination with FLEXVIT bands, which can also be attached above the exerciser due to the elegantly curved design of the TheraBow, the variety of applications is increased by tension, compression and suspension exercises.


FLEXVIT bands and the TheraBogen have numerous points of intersection, and not only in the areas of application. The TheraBogen, for example, is also manufactured locally and also impresses with its stylish design and pleasant feel.

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With the TheraBogen you can carry out functional rehabilitation training.