Everything about FLEXVIT

Resistance bands rethought and made smart

Since 2015 we have been (r)evolutionizing the way resistance bands are thought, made and used. We work constantly and exclusively to explore and further develop their potential. In addition to the best quality, we offer the widest portfolio of bands in the world that help coaches, physiotherapists and athletes at all levels and in all areas to achieve their performance, fitness and rehabilitation goals.

Visionary & competent

FLEXVIT - Thinking bands seriously

Our vision is to be the authentic and world's most popular resistance band brand, leading the way in the development and use of resistance bands for performance, fitness and therapy purposes.

We think, live and love bands.

Daily, all day, 24/7.


The original among fitness bands

FLEXVIT bands were the first elastic athletic bands made of textile-woven rubber. To this day, the quality and optimized stretch behavior of our bands are unmatched.

The special material of our bands is not only skin-friendly, but also incomparably robust and durable, thanks to a unique manufacturing technology. With FLEXVIT bands, the unpleasant tugging on the skin is history. Thanks to their washability, they also set new standards in terms of hygiene and the risk of allergies.

The "Designed, Developed and Made in Germany" seal underlines the quality of our bands and our regional ties.

Made in Germany

FLEXVIT is not only based in Germany, but the bands are also produced here with local standards.

Available worldwide

The bands go from Germany all over the world and are now being used intensively by satisfied customers in more than 30 countries.

Special material

The material is of the highest quality and is manufactured on machines that are designed for robust and durable products.

OEKO-TEX certified

Only materials that meet internationally recognized environmental standards are used in production.

Developed by experts

FLEXVIT bands are developed by people who have practiced competitive sports themselves and tested by experts.

Knowledge for application

FLEXVIT not only supplies the best bands, but also the knowledge behind how to best use them.

Available everywhere

This knowledge is easy, understandable and made available to users in various ways.


We want to leave traces


Since our inception, we've wanted nothing less than to revolutionize how bands are thought and made to finally unlock the potential of bands and band training.

The special FLEXVIT quality

Multiple awards

Plus X Award

Our FLEXVIT Multi was awarded the Plus-X-Award for the high quality, the design, the functionality and ergonomics. The Plus-X-Award is the world's largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle products.

Innovative through research

We always want to further develop our products and therefore rely on intensive research. The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. has awarded us the “Innovative through Research” seal for this commitment.


All FLEXVIT bands are manufactured under high quality standards and have been awarded the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label. All components of our products have been checked by the strict OEKO-TEX laboratory tests.

Visionary and innovative in use

Visionary and innovative in use

A tool is only as good as the knowledge of how to use it. Fun and success also increase with the ability to deal with it variably and effectively. Bands are as unsurpassed in their ease of design and handling as they are endless in their variety of uses. However, successful training can only be achieved with a systematic and sustainable approach.

The DAILY 7 exercise concept

Train functionally with a system

Together with Stefan Liebezeit (personal trainer, instructor, managing director of the Munich Personal Training Lounge and founder of MPTL Grow) we developed the DAILY 7 exercise concept with the idea that you should train each of the seven basic human movement patterns at least once a day.

At the same time, these movement patterns can be found in all everyday and sport-specific movements, which provides an optimal starting point for training and targeted improvement of movements. Training can also be varied and challenging because exercises vary depending on the choice of position, band and resistance constantly being modified and varied.

The emergence of the FLEXVIT brand

Our history

Founding of the company

Start as an "after-work business"

Acquisition of a micro-company that exclusively offers two team sports products (under the SAMY brand) based on elastic bands.

First successes

Achievements for our users

Usain Bolt is preparing for his Olympic victory in Brazil with the FLEXVIT Mini. The German national football team orders bands for their training camp before the European Championship (Jerome Boateng's "calf of the nation" at the time is made fit again with our bands).

OEKO-TEX® certification

Testing for environmentally friedly material

The FLEXVIT products are tested and certified by the internationally recognized institution with the Standard 100 seal. It can be assumed that FLEXVIT is the only band brand in the world with this seal of quality.