This is how you use our bands

FLEXVIT bands can be used in a variety of ways

FLEXVIT bands enable training in all directions of movement, are easy to transport and have a uniquely high quality. Because they can be used in an extremely versatile manner, they have become established in a wide variety of training disciplines and for a wide variety of applications. And new and creative ideas are constantly being added. Here you can find out more about the versatile and special uses of FLEXVIT bands. Get ready for a whole new training experience.

Special forms of training

Of tactile stimuli and pulling directions

FLEXVIT bands offer versatile application options in various training disciplines. In neuroathletics training, they are used as a tactile stimulus to specifically control body regions and thus improve proprioception, stability and responsiveness.

In yoga they create a functional component and ensure an increase in the stability, duration and form of the asanas. In EMS training they offer more intensity and variety. And for young people, FLEXVIT bands enable age-appropriate strength and athletic training. Discover the variety of training with FLEXVIT bands.

Unlimited creativity

Always something new

With FLEXVIT bands there are no limits to creativity and training possibilities. The versatile application already ranges from classic training disciplines to new areas such as neuroathletics and EMS training to highly specific areas of application such as posture training for equestrian athletes and applications in martial arts, swimming and archery.

FLEXVIT is continuously working on the development of new band and training variants in order to meet the ever-growing needs and demands of athletes, trainers and therapists.

Today's possibilities open up tomorrow's applications. Let your imagination run wild and discover how FLEXVIT bands can take your training to a new level. Be prepared to push the boundaries of what is possible and expand the use of FLEXVIT bands into previously unimagined areas.

FLEXVIT products are used in our practice in all areas of therapy - from high-performance athletes to Parkinson's patients at risk of falling. It's not just us as therapists who are more than satisfied with the bands. Patients and customers also appreciate the bands.

Kai Mengeling, PRO-PHYSIO practice, Mainz

Find new opportunities

Functional Band Training


Discover neuroathletic training with FLEXVIT: The bands enable variable and functional training that improves proprioception, stability and speed. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, with FLEXVIT bands you can increase your performance in sports and make your movement sequences more efficient.

Training with many advantages

Resistance is the first step to change

Variable resistance training means that the resistance changes with each push or pull movement. But it also means that you have to use more and more strength when performing the exercise.

Elastic resistance bands naturally possess these properties. The resistance increases linearly with most bands made of pure rubber, but progressively with the FLEXVIT bands.

In principle, you can do any exercise that you can do with weights with bands. However, it allows you to change resistance levels continuously and in a matter of seconds, takes up a fraction of the space for transport and exercise, and can do a wide variety of exercises with a single band, which is rarely the case with strength machines.

Even more knowledge

Our FLEXVIT app helps you in everyday life

In our free training app, you can find over 400 exercises as well as various workouts that will make sure you never run out of ideas. You can use it for your own training, but as a trainer or therapist you can even use it to create custom workouts and share them with your clients. You'll also get exclusive offers and receive news and exercise motivation and tips in the app.