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The FLEXVIT brand


Our vision is to become an authentic and the world's most popular resistance band brand, leading the development and use of bands for performance, fitness and therapeutic purposes.


Our mission is to develop innovative products that help people achieve their individual and team goals and get the most out of their training - anywhere, anytime and for any purpose.

The development

Premium bands at an affordable price

Our own sporting background and unique production technology allows us to produce the highest quality elastic fitness bands on the market.

Manufacturing in Germany and the associated short distances enable us to develop prototypes and new products in the shortest possible time, which allows us to quickly respond to industry developments or cooperation requests.

Functional Band Training

New concept for training with bands

In life, as in sport, it is always about movement. And with Functional Band Training, movements can be trained and improved anytime, anywhere. Because with FLEXVIT bands, training is possible in all body levels and in all directions of movement.

Together with experts, we have developed a concept for functional training that is suitable for trainers and users alike. It integrates the seven basic human movement patterns into the daily exercise routine and only requires the use of the FLEXVIT bands.


There are no limits to creativity when training with bands. In order to continually develop ourselves, we also rely on creativity and imagination. Only when there are no limits in your mind can new paths be discovered and innovative solutions developed.


FLEXVIT bands can be used by everyone. And we know that every person has a unique lifestyle and everyday life that places individual demands on each individual. We always keep this in mind when developing our products and when dealing with partners and customers.


We strive for sustainable solutions for FLEXVIT and for the lives of our customers. Our products are designed to last and leave a minimal environmental footprint. Training with FLEXVIT bands has a lasting positive effect on your health.

Team spirit

We have always been team players and also believe that teamwork is the most important factor for our success. That's why we strive to build and maintain long-term partnerships, believing that each side should benefit equally from such a relationship.

Always with you

Train anywhere and anytime with FLEXVIT bands

Fitness, performance and therapy

Our FLEXVIT bands

Bands are incredibly effective tools that can be used flexibly and variedly at any age, in any environment, at any ability level and in any life situation. However, different user groups have different requirements and demands, which we take into account in our product range and in product development.

We offer the largest portfolio of bands in the world and are convinced that therapists, trainers and athletes will find the ideal product for all possible requirements and areas of application.