FLEXVIT bands in use

Ready for the next level of your training? FLEXVIT bands open up countless application possibilities for your athletic training. No matter whether you are a trainer, therapist, professional or amateur athlete – FLEXVIT bands offer you the ultimate support. Achieve maximum speed, explosiveness, strength and coordination through targeted training with resistance bands. Discover the versatile uses in various sports and experience how FLEXVIT bands can take your training to a new level.

On to top sporting performance

FLEXVIT bands and athletic training

Maximize your sporting potential with FLEXVIT bands. No matter whether you play football, basketball, tennis or volleyball or are at home in another sport – FLEXVIT bands will take you further. Improve your speed, explosiveness and endurance.

Increase your strength and coordination for better performance in competitions. FLEXVIT bands are the ideal addition to your additional strength and athletic training and will take you to the next level.

Unfold your potential

Discover more with FLEXVIT bands

FLEXVIT bands offer more than just athletic training. Discover the versatile application possibilities and experience new training methods and workouts. Use the benefits of neuroathletic training and improve your neural control and responsiveness. Use resistance bands in EMS training.

FLEXVIT bands are also ideal for yoga and pilates. Even young athletes benefit from the wide range of possible uses. Expand your training horizons and discover the unlimited possibilities with FLEXVIT bands.

Unlimited possibilities

Adapt your training to your needs and achieve your goals with the versatility of FLEXVIT bands.

Maximize your performance

Achieve optimal results through targeted training with FLEXVIT bands and improve your strength, endurance and coordination.

Mobility redefined

Increase your flexibility, improve your mobility and increase mobility in every training and sport with FLEXVIT bands.

Train anywhere

Enjoy the freedom of training anywhere and at any time with the lightweight and compact FLEXVIT bands.


Higher. Faster. Further. Get better with FLEXVIT bands

Find exercises now

Start training straight away - with the FLEXVIT app

With our free app you get over 400 exercises with FLEXVIT bands. Ready-made workouts are regularly available to you for immediate training.

You can also create your own workouts and exercises and share them with your community. With the training diary you can make progress visible. Tips, news and background information make the app a daily companion.

Get better in all disciplines

This is how you benefit from training with FLEXVIT bands

More explosiveness

Maximize your explosive power and fast movements with FLEXVIT bands. Achieve higher jumps, faster sprints and quicker changes of direction in your sports training.

Unfold your potential

Optimize your performance with Functional Band Training

Sport and athletic training are about achieving peak performance. In addition to effective injury prevention and physical fitness in general, the quality and economy of movements play a crucial role. That's why FLEXVIT presents Functional Band Training, a revolutionary approach that combines the benefits of resistance bands with the principles of functional training and functional anatomy: you focus on movements instead of isolated muscles.

With Functional Band Training you can overcome conventional training methods. Instead of just targeting specific muscle groups, training with FLEXVIT bands promotes a holistic understanding of how your body moves and functions as a unit. The DAILY 7 exercise concept embodies this philosophy by emphasizing seven basic movements: squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, rotation and plank.

Whether you are a professional athlete, an avid enthusiast or a dedicated trainer, FLEXVIT's Functional Band Training approach will take your performance to new levels and enable you to achieve optimal results while minimizing the risk of injury.