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FLEXVIT bands have huge potential for use in sports, therapy and health and fitness. With our training and courses we want to demonstrate this potential and make it usable for you.

Our courses and training are aimed at trainers of all types and all sports, therapists, instructors, but also “everyday athletes” who want to make their training creative, functional and goal-oriented.

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Bands Reloaded - BASIS

Do you want to improve your work with customers, patients or athletes or just your own training? Do you need an understandable system that makes this easy and sustainable? How about a larger exercise repertoire?

In our BASIS course you will learn compactly and tangibly about Functional Band Training (FBT) and our unique DAILY 7 exercise concept. Our planned training design (“programming”) will make your work as a therapist and trainer much easier.

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DAILY 7 exercise concept

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Flexvit Education

Become part of the Functional Band Training (R)evolution

The course was great, I didn't know you could do so much with bands. The atmosphere was familiar and professional. I will also book the PRO course soon.

Andreas M.

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Bands Reloaded - BASIS

Compact and motivating course to get to know the basics of Functional Band Training (FBT) and the FLEXVIT DAILY 7 exercise concept in one day in theory and practice. An upgrade for your training!

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Register now for our courses and benefit from exclusive advantages! Expand your knowledge, become a FLEXVIT expert and increase your competence in Functional Band Training. Be ready to inspire your customers with new training approaches and at the same time secure unbeatable advantages for your professional development! Register today and immerse yourself in the world of functional training with bands!

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✓ Receive your FLEXVIT Coach certificate (depending on the course)
✓ Benefit from a comprehensive handout for each course
✓ Get a 10% discount when booking a new/additional course
✓ Enjoy exclusive discounts of 25% (BASIS or PRO Coach) and 30% (BASIS and PRO Coach) when purchasing our FLEXVIT bands & FLEXVIT products
✓ Claim preferential conditions in our affiliate program

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Our FLEXVIT app helps you in everyday life

In our free training app, you can find over 400 exercises as well as various workouts that will make sure you never run out of ideas. You can use it for your own training, but as a trainer or therapist you can even use it to create custom workouts and share them with your clients. You'll also get exclusive offers and receive news and exercise motivation and tips in the app.