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The FLEXVIT Functional Band Training App

Do you want to train functionally with fitness bands? Then try the FLEXVIT app now! With over 400 exclusive exercises for your functional training, follow-along videos and complete workouts, you will make progress quickly. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete – the FLEXVIT app offers exercises and training plans for all fitness levels and every band. Start your functional training experience today and download the FLEXVIT app.

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Get the FLEXVIT app now

With the FLEXVIT app you have access to over 400 exclusive resistance band exercises for your functional training. You can filter the exercises by band type, body region or movement pattern and easily put together your individual workout.

And the best thing: you don't need any expensive equipment - your fitness bands are enough. Discover the versatility of Functional Band Training and design your training according to your wishes and goals. With FLEXVIT you always have your personal trainer with you!


With the FLEXVIT app you have a huge selection of exercises and workouts available so that your training never gets boring.

New Content

The FLEXVIT app regularly offers you new workouts and content so that you can always try something new and develop yourself further.

Daily 7

The FLEXVIT app is based on our functional training concept and trains you to think in terms of movements instead of isolated muscles.


In the FLEXVIT Community you can share your workouts and be inspired by exercises and workouts from like-minded people.

Discover Functional Band Training

With over 400 exercises

I am a personal trainer and am happy to recommend the FLEXVIT app to my customers. You can also train at home between our sessions and get fit even faster. My customers are thrilled.

Timo H.


This is how our app supports you

Find exercises for your bands

Find exactly the right exercises for the FLEXVIT bands that you have on hand and never again wonder what exercises you can do with the bands!

Always at your side - the FLEXVIT app

Your ideal companion for training

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile training partner, then download the FLEXVIT app now! Get access to hundreds of exercises and training plans tailored specifically to your needs.

No matter whether you train at home or in the gym - with the FLEXVIT app you always have your personal coach with you. Don't miss any news and be part of a large community that fights together for its goals. Download the FLEXVIT app now and start your Functional Band Training!

Systematic training

Get to know our DAILY 7 concept

In life, as in sport, it is always about movement. That's why we developed the DAILY 7 concept. In our FLEXVIT app, all exercises are categorized based on the seven basic human movement patterns!

This is how you learn to think in terms of movements instead of muscles. Training a single muscle or a component of a muscle is only very rarely useful for the functioning of the human body (e.g. in rehab after surgery on a specific part of the body).

With the FLEXVIT app you train functionally and holistically. At the same time, you can use the huge exercise database to make your training varied and challenging - and have a lot of fun doing it!


A flexion or extension of the knees (dominant) and hips (slightly) while keeping the feet on the floor.


A step in any direction with one foot while the other remains stationary.


A flexion or extension of the hips (dominant) and knees (slightly) while keeping the spine straight.


The movement of an object away from the body, or the movement of the body away from an object.


The movement of an object towards the body, or the movement of the body towards an object.


A rotation of the body around at least one of the three axes of movement.


Holding a static position with the body against gravity with a maximum of four points of contact (e.g. hands and feet).

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Your advantages:

✓ News feed with contributions from other FLEXVIT fans

✓ Discover new exercises

✓ Create your own workouts and training plans

✓ Various exercises for each FLEXVIT band

✓ Professional exercise videos and tips

✓ Current posts and challenges in the app

Available in the App Store and Google Play Store for your smartphone: Discover new exercises and train with our functional workouts! And the best thing: Together with the FLEXVIT community, we are constantly developing our exercise database!

Get to know the exercises of the professionals

The right exercises for your training

With FLEXVIT bands and the app for functional training you can train anywhere! In addition to many basic exercises, in the FLEXVIT app you will find real exercises from professional athletes that you can incorporate into your workout.

Always set new stimuli in your training. Strengthen and mobilize various muscles for efficient movements! You will find explanations and tips for the exercises to help you carry them out correctly. And if an exercise becomes too easy for you, then you probably need a stronger band!

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