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- Your unique update in the field of functional training
- Applied functional anatomy for your everyday life in training and therapy
- Analysis of the 7 basic human movement patterns and their training individually and in combination
- Deeper insight into training with bands and developing unused application potential

Place & time:Stuttgart - June 2nd, 2023

Training course: Bands Reloaded - PRO

Our PRO course is specially designed for experienced and ambitious therapists and trainers. He offers a holistic approach to increasing performance in athletes, patients and customers.

We delve into the systematic concept of human gait, as the basis and expression of efficient and pain-free movement. Based on functional anatomy, we use the concept of the 7 basic human movements to identify and treat compensation patterns and imbalances. In an extremely practical way, we learn together how to specifically use bands and supporting equipment to design individual and/or sport-specific therapy and training programs.

  • This course is presented by Patrick Herzog, the leading expert in Functional Band Training
  • Graduates receive the “FLEXVIT Coach – PRO” certificate
  • The PRO course is recognized by the VDB-MV for physiotherapists/masseurs with 8 training points

    Innovative content
    brought to the point

    Intuitive and innovative DAILY 7 exercise concept

    Learn from
    experts of
    band training

    Lots of exercises for


    Become an expert in Functional Band Training

    FLEXVIT compact package

    Get the BASIS and PRO courses in our compact package and benefit from an exclusive price advantage! Both courses together are cheaper than booked individually. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to expand your Functional Band Training (FBT) skills in one weekend and discover new training approaches to delight your customers, clients and athletes with a first-class training experience.

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    With the FLEXVIT app you have access to more than 400 functional exercises with resistance bands. Put together your personal workout or let yourself be inspired by training plans from the community. Regular new posts and workouts ensure that you stay motivated and move functionally. Download the FLEXVIT app now and discover Functional Band Training!


    Professional and targeted

    Become an expert in functional training with bands

    Are you a fitness trainer or therapist and would like to expand your expertise in the area of ​​functional training with resistance bands? Then you are exactly right here! Our professional training course gives you comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in this area.

    Our course covers all aspects of functional training with resistance bands, including exercise selection, program design and technique. You'll learn how to understand your clients' individual needs, how to create effective training plans for all fitness levels, and how to incorporate resistance bands into your clients' workouts to achieve maximum results.

    Benefit from additional benefits

    Become part of the FLEXVIT community

    As a graduate of our PRO course, you will also receive the following benefits:

    ✓ Receive your FLEXVIT Coach certificate
    ✓ Benefit from a comprehensive handout
    ✓ Get a 10% discount when booking a new/additional course
    ✓ Enjoy exclusive discounts of 25% (BASIS or PRO Coach) and 30% (BASIS and PRO Coach) when purchasing our FLEXVIT bands & FLEXVIT products
    ✓ Claim preferential conditions in our affiliate program

    There are also valuable training points:

    ✓ Recognized by the VDB-MV for physiotherapists/masseurs with 8 training points
    ✓ 10 training points from the Berlin Football Association (only applies to the November course in Berlin, which will not be a football-specific course)

    Professional and targeted

    Our PRO course


    Learn from and with the best coaches

    Our instructors are all experts in their fields and bring their own experiences with band training as well as their different personalities to the courses. Professionalism and fun combine to create an entertaining course day that you will definitely remember fondly and instructively.

    That's what our customers & partners say

    Axel M.

    The course was great. I didn't know you could do so much with ribbons. The atmosphere was familiar and professional.

    Graduate Bands Reloaded PRO course

    Victor K

    Finally a hands-on course. I can use the FLEXVIT warming routine 1:1 for every training session and adapt it to the group and sport.

    Graduate Bands Reloaded course

    Timo W.

    Stefan made everything very understandable. The practice was strenuous. I still have sore muscles now.

    Graduate Bands Reloaded course


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