Athletic training for footballers

Make your team stronger, faster and better with FLEXVIT bands

Fitness bands have long been a professional standard in professional football training - but you don't have to be a Champions League trainer to benefit from the enormous advantages of functional training with bands. With the versatile FLEXVIT bands in our football set, you are perfectly equipped to get the full potential out of your athletic training and your team.

FLEXVIT bands are used worldwide by athletes and teams in almost all sports - including world and Olympic champions - to improve health, fitness and performance. The spectrum of applications ranges from initial care after an operation to competition training. Personal trainers and athletic trainers use FLEXVIT bands as a versatile and transportable tool, helping young and old, amateurs and professionals, to achieve their training goals.


Train with the team

Functional athletic training for footballers

You know how important athletic training is for your soccer team's performance. If you are looking for an effective and versatile way to make your players even better, then FLEXVIT bands are just the thing for you. Train like the biggest clubs in Europe and use FLEXVIT bands in team training!

Wash away the boundaries

All FLEXVIT bands can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60° Celsius.

Reach the next level

FLEXVIT bands are used and valued in training by numerous successful professional teams and top athletes.

Maximize efficiency

FLEXVIT bands enable effective and time-saving training to improve performance in a short time.

Train anywhere

FLEXVIT bands fit in every pocket and can be taken anywhere - for training anywhere.


Improve your football game and achieve new best performances

Since we use the FLEXVIT bands in team training outdoors and indoors with and without shoes, the FLEXVIT bands are constantly exposed to moisture, cold, dirt and sweat. A big advantage over other providers is that the shape of the bands remains the same and that you can wash them without any problems and they will look like new again!

Klaus Luisser, athletic trainer (formerly) Eintracht Frankfurt

FLEXVIT FOR YOUR football training

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Small but powerful: Our FLEXVIT mini bands are perfect for easily training your leg and hip strength. Incorporate them into stability exercises to strengthen your entire body and get active before the game. Changing direction puts enormous strain on the leg muscles. Strengthen them for more energy and injury prevention. The football set contains 20 FLEXVIT Minis in two strengths - for a powerful presence on the pitch.

Athletic training for footballers

Make your athletic training football-specific with FLEXVIT bands

✔ Optimization of football-specific movement sequences

✔ Improvement in all athletic performance components such as strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination

✔ More speed and explosiveness

✔ Greater ability to react and act faster

✔ Eliminate muscular imbalances and increase resilience for optimal injury prevention

✔ Improve stability

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Start training immediately with the FLEXVIT app

With our free app you get over 400 exercises with FLEXVIT bands. Ready-made workouts are regularly available to you for immediate training. You can also create your own workouts and exercises and share them with your community. With the training diary you can make progress visible. Tips, news and background information make the app a daily companion.