ZPP certification

ZPP certification

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- Bill courses with your health insurance company
- Expanding your sales opportunities
- Complete course concept for immediate use in practice

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Certified prevention course “360° Band Training”

Our certified prevention course according to §20 SGB V course offers insights into basic performance considerations, the innovative DAILY7 exercise concept, programming in functional band training, new exercise variants, structured theory and creative practice as well as coaching and cueing.

It qualifies you for ZPP certification, which enables you to offer your own prevention courses in accordance with §20 SGB V. The ZPP certification is carried out according to the minimum standards of provider qualifications (e.g. bachelor, physiotherapist, sports and gymnastics teacher, sports therapist).

The certification offers the opportunity to expand your qualifications in the area of ​​prevention courses and to establish yourself as a competent provider.

  • Developed concept for functional band training to enrich your offering
  • Course can be used immediately after instruction
  • Information about the implementation, manual with lesson pictures and participant documents
  • One-off costs and unlimited possible uses with potential to increase sales

    Innovative content
    to the point

    Intuitive and innovative DAILY 7 exercise concept

    Learn from
    experts of
    band training

    Lots of exercises for

    Discover over 400 exercises now

    The FLEXVIT App for Functional Band Training

    With the FLEXVIT App you have access to more than 400 functional exercises with resistance bands. Put together your personal workout or let yourself be inspired by training plans from the community. Regular new posts and workouts ensure that you stay motivated and move functionally. Download the FLEXVIT app now and discover Functional Band Training!


    Expand your offering

    Offer prevention courses according to §20 SGB V

    If you are interested in offering ZPP certified functional training courses with resistance bands, then our basic training course is the perfect place to start.

    The certification covers all the basics of functional training with resistance bands and includes a complete course guide that you can use to offer your own ZPP certified course.

    If you're ready to take your fitness business to the next level and offer ZPP-certified functional training sessions with resistance bands, then book the ZPP certification with our Bands Reloaded course now. Expand your offering to include billable prevention courses.

    With proof of the minimum standards for provider qualifications set out in the prevention guidelines, this training enables you to offer your own prevention courses in accordance with §20 SGB V.

    What you can expect

    ZPP certification


    Concentrated knowledge

    Our ZPP course covers basic considerations for band training and its design. The innovative and intuitive DAILY 7 exercise concept is presented and the basics of programming in functional band training are explained. New exercise variants for the toolbox are presented and structured theory is conveyed with creative practice as well as coaching and cueing.

    That's what our customers & partners say

    Axel M.

    The course was great. I didn't know you could do so much with ribbons. The atmosphere was familiar and professional.

    Graduate Bands Reloaded PRO course

    Timo W.

    Stefan made everything very understandable. The practice was strenuous. I still have sore muscles now.

    Graduate Bands Reloaded course

    Victor K.

    Finally a hands-on course. I can use the FLEXVIT warm-up routine 1:1 in every training session and adapt it to the group and sport.

    Graduate Bands Reloaded course


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