Athletic training for tennis players

Better footwork, faster changes of direction and fewer injuries

Do you love tennis and want to improve your game? Then you’ve come to the right place at FLEXVIT! With our functional bands and the right training methods, you can reach your full potential on the pitch. We offer you a comprehensive selection of exercises and workouts that are specifically tailored to the needs of tennis players.

Whether you want to improve your punches, increase your endurance or optimize your coordination - with FLEXVIT bands you can achieve your goals effectively and quickly. With FLEXVIT bands you can carry out game-related training and work on all aspects of athleticism that are beneficial for the game of tennis. In addition, you can work specifically on your technique, for example on your serve or your forehand.


Train individually with players

Make your tennis players better with FLEXVIT bands

Tennis requires good athletic performance, particularly in the areas of speed, strength, endurance and agility. As a coach, you want to ensure your players become stronger and faster in these areas while avoiding injuries.

Wash away the boundaries

All FLEXVIT bands can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60° Celsius.

Reach the next level

FLEXVIT bands are used and valued in training by numerous successful professional teams and top athletes.

Maximize efficiency

FLEXVIT bands enable effective and time-saving training to improve performance in a short time.

Train anywhere

FLEXVIT bands fit in every pocket and can be taken anywhere - for training anywhere.


Improve your tennis game and become a champion on the court

I only got good feedback from the athletes. The bands do not slip and do not roll up. In addition, we are still trying - so far without success - to get one broken.

Jonathan Januschke, athletic trainer, Tennisbase Oberhaching, PAR Centrum Munich

Training bands for your tennis training

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Through regular training with the mini bands, you can specifically increase stability, mobility and explosive power. Your legs and hips will be strengthened, resulting in better body control and precise punches. With the FLEXVIT Mini bands you build up strength for quick changes of direction, powerful serves and precise punches. Maximize your tennis potential on the court!

Athletic training for tennis players

This is how you benefit from athletic training with fitness bands

✔ Improvement in all athletic performance components such as strength, endurance, flexibility, stability and coordination

✔ More speed and explosiveness when moving on the court

✔ Improve footwork and agility for faster reactions

✔ Eliminate muscular imbalances and increase resilience to prevent injuries

✔ Increase punch speed and range

✔ Improve posture and balance for better hitting technique

✔ Increased flexibility for a greater range of motion when hitting

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Start training immediately with the FLEXVIT app

With our free app you get over 400 exercises with FLEXVIT bands. Ready-made workouts are regularly available to you for immediate training. You can also create your own workouts and exercises and share them with your community. With the training diary you can make progress visible. Tips, news and background information make the app a daily companion.