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Our DAILY 7 exercise concept

Together with our functional training experts, we have developed the FLEXVIT DAILY 7 exercise concept. It is specifically designed for personal trainers, fitness professionals, athletes and therapists who want to improve their own health and fitness and that of their clients.

Unlike traditional fitness programs that focus on specific exercises, our DAILY 7 exercise concept aims to integrate all seven basic human movement patterns into the daily exercise routine. No matter where and no matter when – all you need are your FLEXVIT bands!

Learn the basics

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The DAILY 7 exercise concept is ideal for trainers and therapists who want to put together a training routine for their customers that is tailored to their needs.

Based on the customer's everyday life, certain exercises can be recommended for the respective movement patterns that are optimally suited to the customer's personal needs.


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Inspired by nature

Your body: made for movement

The human body is capable of incredible things. But too often we neglect to move it the way nature intended. This is exactly where the DAILY 7 exercise concept comes into play.

Focusing on the seven basic human movement patterns - push, pull, squat, lunge, hinge, rotation and plank - this concept will help you build strength, increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance, a therapist working with patients to overcome pain and limitations, or simply someone who wants to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, the DAILY 7 exercise concept offers a comprehensive and effective solution.


A flexion or extension of the knees (dominant) and hips (slightly) while keeping the feet on the floor.


A step in any direction with one foot while the other remains stationary.


A flexion or extension of the hips (dominant) and knees (slightly) while keeping the spine straight.


The movement of an object away from the body, or the movement of the body away from an object.


The movement of an object towards the body, or the movement of the body towards an object.


A rotation of the body around at least one of the three axes of movement.


Holding a static position with the body against gravity with a maximum of four points of contact (e.g. hands and feet).

How to use our training bands

Train with the DAILY 7 exercise concept

DAILY 7 in the FLEXVIT app

In the FLEXVIT app you will find ready-made DAILY 7 workouts for every FLEXVIT band. This means you can choose the resistance band you have on hand and use it to do a DAILY 7 workout. You can also filter all exercises by each of the seven movements, making it easy to find exercises based on that movement.


Applying the DAILY 7 exercise concept is child's play

The FLEXVIT app is your free tool for effective and varied training! With the workouts specially developed for you, you can train easily and comfortably from home. Use the app to keep an eye on yourself and your progress. Also discover the DAILY 7 exercise concept, which shows you seven basic movements for healthy and strong body muscles! Download the FLEXVIT app now and start your training!