We want you to be always ready to train: With our T-Shirts and bags for Functional Band Training with FLEXVIT

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FLEXVIT shirts and bags are more than just stylish accessories - they are the perfect completion for every workout. Not only offer the high-quality shirts a fashionable look, but they are also functional and ensure maximum comfort during training. Our bags are especially designed for location-independent training and offer enough space for all your important training utensils.

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Backpack Outdoor
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Team Bag
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FLEXVIT shirts and bags

The perfect companions for your Functional Band Training journey

For the right look & feel during training

With our FLEXVIT T-shirts and bags, you'll always have everything you need for your training right with you. Our t-shirts are not only stylish, but also functional: They offer you freedom of movement and breathability so that you always stay cool during training. The high-quality materials ensure a comfortable fit and withstand even intensive workouts. With our bags you have your training equipment ready to hand and are always up for the next workout. Whether in the gym or outside, our bags are specially designed for training anywhere and offer enough space for all your equipment.


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